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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 4, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
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NOTE: I mentioned it in the first post of 2002 but a lot of y'all are aware that a few months ago, SaintRidley picked up the Observer Rewind reins after I stopped and started doing his own recaps from the 1980s. Well, he's been doing great work with it and he just finished posting the year of 1987. I went ahead and added it the Previously" section up there. ↑↑↑ Just wanted to make sure to bring it to everyone's attention.
  • It's been awhile since we've had major PPVs going head-to-head with each other, but it happened this week when WWA aired it's 2nd ever PPV live from Las Vegas, going head-to-head with PRIDE. Dave recaps the history of head-to-head PPV battles, specifically the WWF vs. Crockett war in the late-80s. How Vince McMahon created Survivor Series specifically to run it in direct competition with Crockett's first ever PPV, Starrcade 87. The resulting loss of needed revenue was a huge reason why Crockett eventually had to sell the company to Ted Turner and, in retrospect, set into motion everything that led to WCW's eventual death last year. He goes on to recap how Royal Rumble was created and aired on free TV to go head-to-head with Crockett's next PPV attempt, Bunkhouse Stampede. Then Crockett responded by creating the first Clash of the Champions and airing it against Wrestlemania IV. Not sure PRIDE vs. WWA is up there in the same league as that PPV battle. Which, to be fair, Dave admits it's not the same thing.
  • Anyway, the PRIDE show was among the greatest events of all time, one of the very few times in the history of the Observer that a show got a unanimous 100% thumbs up vote on the reader poll. It aired in Japan live and in the U.S. on a bit of a delay, with the matches edited in a different order. In Japan, the card was headlined by Vanderlei Silva vs. former UWFI wrestler Kiyoshi Tamura, which was an excellent fight that Silva won. In the U.S., the show was built around Ken Shamrock vs. Don Frye in the main event (in Japan, it aired 3rd from last) and the 2 men had an absolute war that should shut up critics who say both are too old. Shamrock lost a split-decision in a fight that Dave thinks should have legitimately been a draw. (This fight is considered to this day one of the all-time wars in MMA history. An utter slobberknocker. Neither fighter was the same again afterward and Frye has said that the damage Shamrock did to his legs in this fight led to him later getting addicted to painkillers). After the fight, Shamrock went over to ringside and hugged his girlfriend Alicia Webb, who you may remember as Ryan Shamrock. The girl that played his sister in WWF.
WATCH: Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock - PRIDE 19: Bad Blood (2002)
  • And then there was WWA. A low-budget, amateur-ish event, marred by bad production and no-shows. Not that the crowd would even know, because most of the lineup was never even announced ahead of time anyway. The scheduled main event of Jeff Jarrett vs. Randy Savage didn't happen because Savage held promoter Andrew McManus up for more money at the last minute. Savage originally had agreed to work the show in exchange for a 30% ownership stake in the company, which was agreed upon. But three days before the show, Savage upped the ante, saying he wanted the 30%, plus an extra $50,000 in cash. At that point, they started haggling back and forth to try to strike some kind of deal. Ownership got pulled off the table and then Savage asked for a flat $250,000 fee to work the show. WWA turned that down and came back with a flat $150,000 offer instead. Savage turned that down and at that point, everything broke down. For what it's worth, a lot of the lower card wrestlers on the show worked for $300. Last second attempts to bring in Sting to save the show didn't work either. Road Dogg was also supposed to appear on the show but couldn't because of legal issues. Word is he got arrested 2 days before the show in Florida on a probation violation. As a result, the PPV was headlined by Jeff Jarrett defending the WWA championship against Brian Christopher.
  • The whole show was simply an embarrassment. The production was completely minor league and the crowd was totally dead for all these long matches with guys nobody cares about. The in-ring work was fine, but the booking often made no sense, with overbooked three-ways and 6-way undercard matches that ended up being more clusterfuck than match. It was also one of those Russo-type things where the commentary team made endless inside-references that only the hardcore internet fans would get. But then again, this show only drew hardcore internet fans anyway, so why not? They also constantly made reference to WWF, which came across as desperate and sad. In particular, Larry Zbyszko was given the chance to cut a meandering promo, challenging Vince McMahon to a fight over some unspecified grievance from 20 years ago and criticized them for having Chris Jericho as their world champion. Dave thinks Zbyszko was actually angling for a job from WWF by trying to start his own angle and says this promo was basically his job application. And he thinks it was pretty pathetic. Backstage, the disorganization was apparent and most even within the company saw what a mess it was and have already given up on the promotion as a lost cause. Dave said this PPV made it clear that nobody will be challenging WWF anytime soon.
  • Other notes from the WWA Revolution PPV: yes, in case you're wondering, that Japanese man sitting behind the commentary table all night who very briefly (literally blink and miss it) got involved in the Scott SteineDisco Inferno tussle was indeed NJPW star Hiroyoshi Tenzan and yes, they flew him all the way from Japan (and had him bring his ring gear just in case), only to have him do almost nothing and never be acknowledged on camera. Eric Bischoff was backstage, as a guest of Ernest Miller. Bischoff laughed off any questions about going to WWF but said the ol' "never say never" shtick. The crowd was about 2,800, most of them freebies and they were desperately giving away tickets in the casino before the show. During the first match, the building looked practically empty so they quietly began moving everyone closer to ringside to pack the area around the ring to make it look presentable for TV. Opening 6-way match featuring all the hottest indie stars was a sloppy mess, with too people flying everywhere trying to get their shit in and the cameras missing most of it. Bret Hart came out and cut a long, rambling promo before announcing Brian Christopher was replacing Randy Savage in the main event, to zero crowd response. By the 5th match, people in the crowd could be seen leaving, never to return. Jerry Lynn showed up, interrupting an Eddie Guerrero interview, at which point Dave mentions, oh yeah by the way, the WWF released Jerry Lynn 2 days before the PPV. Considering WWF has been talking about reviving the cruiserweight division after Wrestlemania, Dave doesn't know why they'd get rid of a guy who could be one of the best in the division. Anyway, yeah, this show sucked. Here ya go, enjoy.
WATCH: WWA: The Revolution PPV - 2002
  • WWF's latest investor conference call took place and wasn't particularly newsworthy, but there's some stuff to note. The new agreement with DirecTV is until August of 2003 and is under the exact same terms they were operating under last year, which means WWF gained nothing while losing an estimated $4.4 million in revenue over the last few PPVs. Following the brand split, WWF plans to run 16 PPVs per year, and increasing the price by an extra $5. Linda McMahon said Wrestlemania 18 has sold 58,000 tickets as of the time of the call, for a record gate of $3.96 million, breaking the record set by last year's WM. Dave goes through all the numbers and for the most part, in comparison to previous quarters, almost everything is down. Which is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention because WWF is clearly on the downswing. Linda also said they're currently interviewing new writers and are hoping to double their writing staff, which Dave thinks is a terrible idea (and time has damn sure proven him correct). Finally, Linda was also asked how the purchase of the WCW library has benefited the company, which Dave thinks is an interesting question since revenues have declined since then and the Invasion angle flopped so hard that it killed any brand value the name "WCW" may have had. Linda talked about the value of the tape library but Dave points out that it's been a year and WWF has done practically nothing with that library (of course, in the end, they found ways to monetize that WCW library and it more than paid for itself).
  • In his first match as an official member of the AJPW roster, Keiji Muto lost the Triple Crown championship to Toshiaki Kawada in a match nearly a year in the making, before a sold out crowd at Budokan Hall. He hasn't seen it yet, but the match was reported to Dave as a near-classic (he ends up giving it 4.5 stars). The other 2 NJPW stars who jumped ship, Kendo Kashin and Satoshi Kojima, also worked their first official AJPW matches. Kaz Hayashi, formerly a member of Jung Dragons in WCW and who worked in WWF's developmental until asking for his release a few weeks ago, also debuted on the show and will be part of Muto's faction.
WATCH: Keiji Muto vs. Toshiaki Kawada - AJPW 2-24-2002
  • Obituary time for Swede Hanson, who worked primarily in the Carolinas and had a brief run in the WWF as a cult favorite babyface in the early 80s. Sadly, he passed away in a mental hospital because he had advanced Alzheimer's disease which made it impossible for his family to handle him and they had him put away. Jeez, that's rough. He also had a litany of other health problems. Dave gives an in-depth history of his career in the 60s and 70s as a heel in the Carolinas before talking about the WWF run. Vince Sr. brought him in as a monster heel to challenge Bob Backlund, and Dave thinks someone else must have backed out at the last moment or something. By this time (in 1979), Hanson was well past his prime and hadn't been a major star anywhere in years but he was a big dude and so they brought him in to face Backlund and they actually sold out Madison Square Garden with Backlund vs. Hanson in the main event (though Dave says Bruno Sammartino working the undercard sure didn't hurt). The match sucked and almost immediately after, he became a jobber in the WWF, but Vince Jr, on commentary, just loved to call him "Rawboned Swede Hanson" and the "Rawboned" nickname caught on. Vince said it with such gusto that Hanson briefly became a cult favorite jobber from it and the crowd turned him babyface at damn near 50 years old. It led to a brief career resurgence and him having a small role in the Backlund/Billy Graham feud for the title before he finally faded into oblivion.
  • Mark Henry won the "world's strongest man" competition at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding and fitness event. Henry has been out of WWF for the past 2 months training for this competition and the training paid off, with Henry capturing first place and making a legitimate viable claim to his "strongest man in the world" moniker. During the event, Henry became the first man in 50 years to cleanly press the 366 pound Apollon wheel weight above his head. In another event, he carried an 800 pound block of bolted together railroad ties up a 40-foot ramp faster than the other competitors. For his victory, Henry won a $75,000 Humvee and some other cash prizes. Over the same weekend, he also won another $1,000 in a contest where he was able to lift an inch dumbbell (which weighs 172 pounds) to his shoulder with one arm. There's a bunch of other weightlifting stuff here, but you might be surprised to find out....I dunno shit about any of this. I got winded lifting pizza to my mouth earlier. Mark Henry strong.
WATCH: Mark Henry at the Arnold Classic 2002
  • Another obit for former wrestler, promoter, and father of 80s valet Baby Doll, Nick Roberts who died of pancreatic cancer. Once again, a bunch of details and stories about someone I've never heard of in wrestling history that Dave somehow knows everything about. I know I've said it before, but these obituary pieces are some of the greatest reasons for subscribing to the Observer.
  • Masahiro Chono says he wants to take NJPW in a more serious, realistic direction. No sports entertainment gaga nonsense, they want it to be like a real sports product. So much so that, in his own match with Manabu Nakanishi at the last big NJPW show, Chono wouldn't even bounce off the ropes, saying that it's not credible and no one would do that in a real fight. Ah yes, Inoki's gonna love this.
  • FMW wrestler Kodo Fuyuki has said he plans to try to keep the promotion running after it was announced it was folding last week. FMW still has 8 shows scheduled for this month and Fuyuki said he plans to try to run them himself and keep the company going (no such luck buddy).
  • Japan Today, an American newspaper that covers Japanese news daily, had a story on Antonio Inoki battling diabetes. It says he was first diagnosed in 1982, which Dave says is right around the time Inoki's in-ring work dropped off considerably when he lost his stamina. The story said for the last 20 years, Inoki has eaten a ridiculously healthy diet and is in better health now at 59 than he was then at 39.
  • Dave said he got tons of positive feedback on the debut of RF Video's Ring of Honor promotion in Philadelphia. The show was sold out in advance, was well organized, and had several really good matches. They limited a lot of the mistakes that most indie companies fall victim to, such as too many matches, too many run-ins, too much mic work, too many guys trying to do too much stuff, etc. Steve Corino and CZW announcer Eric Gargiulo did commentary. Eddie Guerrero faced Super Crazy in an excellent match and the main event was a three-way featuring Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, and American Dragon that Dave has heard rave reviews for. And thus, ROH was born.
WATCH: Highlights from ROH's debut show in 2002
  • Vic Grimes took the most insane bump of all time at an XPW event before 1,500 fans in Los Angeles. Grimes was facing New Jack in a scaffold match said to be at least twice as high up as the fall Mick Foley took off the Hell in a Cell. The ring below had tables stacked 4-high to break his fall, but Grimes ended up missing most of the tables when New Jack overshot him. Perhaps on purpose. Grimes missed all but the corner tables at the edge of the ring before coming down on the corner turnbuckles. After the bump, they tried to rush fans out of the arena since it was almost 1am and gave many the impression Grimes life was in danger. But he was surprisingly okay and was walking around backstage after, although he was definitely banged up. Grimes was really nervous about the bump earlier in the day, as you might expect and Dave says he's pretty damn lucky he didn't miss the ring because he almost certainly would have died if he took that bump straight to the floor. Elsewhere on the show, there was a match where porn star Lizzy Borden (wife of XPW promoter Rob Black) faced another porn star, Veronica Caine, in a match that was supposed to end only when someone was stripped totally naked. But right before it happened, the lights went out and the women were rushed out of the ring and when fans realized they'd been ripped off, they were so pissed the arena feared a riot. (Anyway, here's the bump and yeah....Grimes very easily could have died from this. No mention from Dave on the fact that New Jack also tazed him before this)
WATCH: Air Grimes goes long
  • Shane Douglas is expected to take over as XPW booker when his WCW contract with Time Warner expires next month.
  • Former WCW journeyman wrestler Chip Minton's primary career was bobsledding. He only wrestled in WCW occasionally while doing that, primarily as a jobber on the C-shows. Minton was part of the US bobsledding team in both the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics and was planning to compete this year, but failed to make the team. Soon after that, he failed a steroid test and has been suspended from the sport for 2 years.
  • Remember a couple weeks ago, it was mentioned that Roddy Piper was in a car accident but he was playing down how serious it was? Turns out....very serious. Piper suffered 4 broken ribs, one of which punctured his liver and nearly killed him. He also suffered severe back injuries and shattered his ankle. Piper was taken to the hospital and was near death but obviously, he managed to pull through and has still been making all his appearances for XWF in recent days. (Yeah I think in Piper's autobiography, he dedicates the book to the guy who saved his life by rushing him to the hospital and even says he was clinically dead for a few moments. Then again, Piper was like a lot of those old time guys and was prone to exaggeration, so who knows).
  • Eric Bischoff is teaming up with Mark Burnett, the producer of the hit show Survivor, to produce a MMA reality show called Skien. From Dave's understanding, it will basically be a reality show with K-1 kickboxers leading up to a PPV event. (Here's an article about it from Variety at the time, but this ends up going nowhere).
WATCH: Variety article on Eric Bischoff's new reality show
  • Notes from Raw: only one thing really notable, they filmed a segment at referee Tim White's bar The Friendly Tap. The bar really is owned by White and WWF pretty much always films angles there when they're in town (Providence, RI). This time, the skit featured the APA going into the bar to drink and the bar was filled by a bunch of gay men and drag queens (played by a bunch of wrestlers from indie promotion Chaotic Wrestling) while the APA guys acted all grossed out by it all. Then Billy and Chuck attacked them. Dave thinks this played on all the typical homophobic stereotypes and he seems pretty irritated by it. Anyway, among the wrestlers from Chaotic were Todd Sinclair (better known now as ROH's senior official), Rich Palladino (ring announcer for Beyond now) and John Walters (indie wrestler and former ROH Pure champion).
  • Next week's Smackdown hasn't aired yet but it was taped and Dave has details. Notably, this is the episode where Austin chases down the NWO and tries to shoot them with a net gun. Dave says this was a mess, with the gun going off but no net being fired from it and they'll have to fix the whole thing in post-production. It went horribly when they filmed it and it aired for the live crowd and it killed the crowd and basically forced them to improvise on the spot (on one of the Something To Wrestle podcasts, Bruce Prichard tells this story and how frustrated they were with this net gun being a piece of shit). This episode also featured Stephanie yelling at Chris Jericho for getting her the wrong hand lotion and Booker T and Edge feuding over a Japanese shampoo commercial. (Rock/Hogan was great, but man, the build for everything else at Wrestlemania 18 suuuuuucked.)
  • Prototype won the OVW title from Leviathan at the latest OVW tapings. After the match, they did an angle to set up David Flair as the #1 contender for the title. Prototype's only singles loss in OVW came last week, when Flair beat him, so there ya go (this video covers ALL of that. The FlaiCena match, the Leviathan match, the post-match angle, etc).
WATCH: Prototype vs. Leviathan for OVW title - 2002
  • Wall Street Journal did an article talking about the decline in Smackdown's ratings, saying they were down 28% from last year and down 42% from the year before that. The article blamed it on Smackdown changing networks. Here's the thing hasn't. Raw changed networks in 2000. Smackdown has been on UPN since its debut. Also, UPN has grown overall in ratings while Smackdown has declined. It's just because the show sucks now.
  • Charlie Haas, fresh off returning to the ring and winning the HWA title after the death of his brother, tore his ACL this week. He just had surgery and will be out 4-6 months. Rough few months for that dude.
  • A Washington newspaper did a story on James Dudley, who you may know as....WWF Hall of Famer James Dudley and little else. On-screen, he's never really done much. But Dave says Dudley started working for Vince Sr. back in the 1940s, when Sr. was a boxing promoter, and was essentially his Vince Sr.'s driver and assistant. Dudley did a lot of odd jobs for the company during those early years, working ticket booths and stuff like that, but to most people, he was just kinda known as Vince Sr.'s limo driver. So when he was indicted into the WWF Hall of Fame a few years ago, it was a pretty controversial decision among a lot of people, given that someone like Bruno Sammartino isn't in, by the company's limo driver is. Anyway, before his death, Vince Sr. made Vince Jr. promise to take care of Dudley and keep him on the payroll. So for the last 18 years or so, even though he doesn't work for the company, Vince McMahon has continued to pay him a salary. He also bought him a new car as a gift some years back.
  • Billy and Chuck's recent tag team title win makes Billy Gunn the most decorated tag team wrestler in WWF history, as he's now held the tag titles 9 times (3 as part of the Smoking Gunns, 5 as part of New Age Outlaws, and now once with he and Chuck). The previous record was Mick Foley, with 8. (to the best of my research, if we're only talking WWF/WWE tag title reigns, that record is now held by Edge).
  • USA Network CEO Barry Diller took part in a lecture at Syracuse University and talked about losing the WWF to TNN. When asked why it happened, he responded, "Because I'm a dope." He said he didn't fight hard enough to keep the WWF and admitted the loss hurt, but also said it may have been the best thing for them in the long-run because pro wrestling doesn't really fit the direction they're planning to take the network. He said wrestling fans came for wrestling and left immediately after it was over and there was never any cross-over fans who stuck around to watch the next show or anything like that. He said they could never figure out what to connect wrestling to within the rest of their properties.
  • WWF held a try out camp in Cincinnati and reportedly, nobody was particularly impressive, including AJ Styles. The knock on Styles was that he's average looking and too small. Wrestler Sonny Siaki was said to be the most impressive, but he also rubbed people the wrong way with his attitude so probably not gonna make the cut this time. Matt Morgan, who was on the Tough Enough casting special last season got a tryout and since he has no formal training, he was pretty awful but he's big so Dave seems to think he'll get a chance anyway. The other one they were impressed by was a woman named Erin Bray, who was one of the final 25 picked for the original Tough Enough. But then some other contestants spotted her out on a date with one of the show's judges and they threw a fit, which resulted in Bray not making the final 13. Another wrestler, Travis Tomko, is a guy who has worked some indies and is a former bodyguard for Limp Bizkit ("Tomko, gimme a beat." "No.")
  • Rock was a presenter at the NAACP Awards and Dave thinks he looked pretty great for a guy who was almost murdered in an ambulance by the NWO a few days earlier. Cheeky Dave is just the best.
  • Speaking of, Dave throws in a random paragraph to backhandedly shit on Kevin Nash. For years, people in the business joked that Lex Luger made the most money with the least ability or drawing power of anyone ever in wrestling. Dave says it's gotta be Nash. For example, Nash is not wrestling and is only going to be in Hall's corner for the match at Wrestlemania (his knees really are giving him problems), but he has been promised that he's going to get the same type of payoff as if he was the guy in the match working with Austin in the semi-main event. Not to mention all the huge contracts he signed in WCW, or how he got a huge-by-WWF-standards deal here, plus got Vince to cave to almost all his other demands regarding schedule and bringing back Scott Hall, among other things. (I mean, while Dave is being kind of a dick here, I don't think he's really wrong either. When it comes to top draws in the history of the business, Nash isn't anywhere near even the top 10 or 20. And he's never exactly been a great wrestler. But since the 90s, Nash always managed to make sure he gets PAID like he's in that upper echelon. Nash is one of those very few wrestlers who isn't entranced by the fame or the fake accolades. He treats wrestling for what it is: a business. It's the way they pay their mortgages and buy groceries, just like you and me at our jobs. I love it. I laugh my ass off every time I hear "Brock Lesnar signed a huge new contract to only work 6 matches a year." Good for him. I hope he gets even more money for less dates next year. You should always know your worth and never let your employer take you for anything less. Nash has always been one of the guys to do that and he's probably going to die comfortably in a nice house while these other guys from his era are still clinging to fame at 60 years old doing $300 indie shows on crippled knees. Anyway, that's my soapbox). Dave seems to feel the same way and admits, love him or hate him, you gotta give Nash credit for being one of the smartest guys in the biz.
  • Fear Factor featuring the Hardyz, Lita, Test, Molly Holly, and Jacquelyn aired this week. First they had to climb up a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter over the river and they all made it up except Jeff Hardy who slipped near the top and fell (knowing Jeff, he probably purposely let go so he could take the big fall for fun). Lita also got eliminated for being the slowest one up the ladder. Next they had to chug a gross drink that included bile, rooster testicals, spleen, and some animal brains all blended together. Molly Holly almost vomited after one sip and was out. Jackie and Matt succeeded. Test refused to even try. So then it came down to Matt vs. Jackie and they had to walk across the tops of high poles and move flags around. Matt Hardy ended up winning the whole thing and won $50,000 for charity.
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 1
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 2
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 3
  • Sunday Night Heat is being converted into one of the B-shows like Metal and Jakked. Awhile back, they started airing Heat from the WWF New York restaurant but the production costs of that were high. So in a cost-cutting move, they're just gonna tape dark matches and throw them on Heat the same way they do those other shows, featuring all the nobodies that can't ever get TV time on the main shows.
  • As mentioned last week, Scott Hall has been taking a drug called Antabuse, which makes him violently sick when he drinks or even smells alcohol. It caused him to get sick after Raw last week when Austin poured beer all over him in a bit after the cameras were off. Hall has said he is clean and has been clean for awhile, except for the incident a couple weeks ago where he fell off the wagon. Others are skeptical and question if Hall only takes his medication on TV days and needless to say, there's some doubt here.
  • Everywhere he goes, Brian Christopher has been telling people he's coming back to WWF after Wrestlemania, but contrary to what he's saying, Dave says there are zero plans for that (indeed, it does not happen).
FRIDAY: More on WWA's PPV disaster, the landscape for any new promotion attempting to start up, WWF huge show in Japan, WWF loses appeal over "WWF" initials, Bret Hart given offer for Wrestlemania 18, and tons more...
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The false god

As a Yankee fan, if you have not watched Brian Cashmans' end of the season press conference, you are doing yourself a major disservice because it is very enlightening.
I cannot recall a media interaction in recent years that more clearly demonstrates the dangerous arrogance and stubbornness of the modern Yankee organization than this press conference. It was almost megalomaniacal.
In particular,the interaction between WFAN New Yorks' Yankee beat reporter, Sweeny Murti, and Brian Cashman that illuminates the defensive, combative stance the Yankee organization has taken towards its' own fanbase in regards to spending.
First of all, major kudos to Sweeny Murti. If you want to talk about the media speaking truth to power (in a baseball context of course), he was asking questions that the self-censorious Yankee media lap-dogs wouldn't dare direct at a man that some have laughably deemed, "the Cashgod."
In this tense moment, it became clear that Cashman is in fact not, "the Cashgod." A “Cashgod” would not allow the Yankees to go through a 19 year stretch where they have as many championships as they do plagues of locusts.
Before we shatter the dogma, let's refresh ourselves on the transcript of the interaction from the press conference.
Sweeny: There are several starting pitchers over the last few years that you passed on, that are in the World Series right now...
Cashman: I didn't pass on them.
Sweeny: You didn't?
Cashman: No. I didn't pass on them.
Sweeny: How would you charactorize it?
Cashman: Well, I guess... why would you charactorize it as passing on them?
Sweeny: Were there opportunities to get some of these guys?
Cashman: Give me some specifics.
Sweeny: Justin Verlander. Gerrit Cole. Patrick Corbin.
Cashman: Justin Verlander was a player two or three years ago that was in play, and if you recall, the payroll structure that we were under, he was not going to fit in our environment given the directives from above. And that’s not blaming ownership on that aspect at all. But we had overspent to a level to where we were going to be under our payroll, and their ultimate goal was to get out from luxury tax issues where we were rewarding our opponents.
Sweeny: So you wouldn't categorize that as passing?
Cashman: So Verlander was not someone that was in play because of those protocols that were in place. So that’s one. But that question has been answered several times over.
Sweeny: It's semantics then as far as what we're describing why they're not..
Cashman: Well when we're talking about Patrick Corbin, did we not make an offer? Yes or no?
Sweeny: You tell me.
Cashman: You know the answer….. Do you not know the answer?
Sweeny: I was told no. Did you make an offer?
Cashman: We made an offer to Patrick Corbin. The Nationals made a more significant offer to Patrick Corbin. I don't know who told you no, that would be false.
Sweeny: So has Hal or anyone...
Cashman: So would you categorize that as a pass?
Sweeny: I would categorize it as we're arguing semantics and they're currently not here. But my question is..
Cashman: And Gerrit Cole was traded from Pittsburgh to Houston. Did we make an offer to Pittsburgh for Gerrit Cole, yes or no?
Sweeny: Yes.
Cashman: OK, did that mean we passed on him?
Sweeny: You didn’t increase your offer enough to get him, did you?
Cashman: Houston made an offer that in Pittsburgh’s mind was a better offer than ours. This is all ancient history, but these are all facts. But that doesn't mean we passed on anything. We made attempts to try to acquire.
Sweeny: My question to you is, has Hal expressed any regrets over any of these decisions that did not go in your favor over the course of the last couple years and or do you regret anything?
Cashman: I don't regret our process. And there are certain things in that process that are controlled and some things that are out of our control in terms of knowledge. I have no knowledge in free agency of what an opposing team is offering until ultimately it comes out after the signing is elsewhere. So whether it's Dallas Keuchel this summer or Patrick Corbin this past winter, obviously it’s illegal to be calling the other clubs to find out what they're offering. So you don't know until then.
In the Keuchel situation, for instance which you didn't bring up, I used the line of, “we missed out by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin.” It was a very close number from where our offer was, but how would I know that? So, you put your best foot forward you live with it. I have no regrets if we have a strong process and we put our best foot forward based on a lot of pressure points, and then you live with it.
So am I living with that? I’m living with that. Am I comfortable with every decision and everything that we went through in our process? I think we have a strong healthy process that leads us to make whatever offers we’re making at the time for good reason and something we can be comfortable with.
You don’t get everything you want at all times, but I think what we’ve done is do a lot of great things along the way. I can sleep at night with the process that we have in place. It’s served us well and put us in a position to take a legitimate shot at the championship so far in the more recent years. And that’s despite some of the options that went elsewhere.
Did Brian Cashman have a Freudian slip when he said that the ultimate goal in 2017 was to "get under the luxury tax?" This was the directive handed down from ownership? Try to imagine, for even a millisecond, George Steinbrenner dubbing luxury tax management his "ultimate goal." Try to imagine the Boss allowing Cashman to even put that narrative out there for the fanbase to consume. Having trouble picturing something so perverted? That's because the Boss would never do that.
The modern Yankee organization has gotten comfortable ignoring and even shaming their constituents. They are upset that the fans want a championship at any cost. This is not a cost they are willing to incur because they are not as passionate about being champions as George was. However, they are "savvy" enough to recognize that in order to protect their bottom line, they must act as though they are desperate for a championship. They understand that if they can create a believable enough charade, Yankee fans will by-and-large drink the Kool-Aid and leave coins in the collection basket.
Everyday we resemble Mets fans or Knicks fans more and more. We are case studies in Stockholm Syndrome. We are so addicted to the cache of being Yankee fans; the history, the winning, the core four, the tradition, the Bronx NY, that we have no actual leverage over the organization to voice our discontent and get them to put their money where their mouth is, so they don't. They know the overwhelming majority will continue to show up at the gate, watch the YES Network, collect the jerseys and consume the content online regardless of how dismissive and abusive the organization may be towards the fanbase. In this case, we were represented by Sweeny, and they showed you exactly how they feel about people who question them.
To be clear; the "Cashgod" is comfortable with the process because it has put them, "in a position to take a legitimate shot," at a championship.
In any other area of the real world, would being, "in a position to take a legitimate shot" at success, and then repeatedly failing be something management is comfortable with? Does that jive with the Yankee winning tradition?
Organizations that are comfortable with their process and aren't successful end up like Blockbuster video. On the flipside, on the winning side, forward-thinking organizations that are adopting varying viewpoints and practices to disrupt the marketplace are the ones who last. You will likely be able to watch a Blockbuster documentary about how they collapsed on a streaming service one day.
Brian Cashman was so sensitive to a differing perspective that he fought vigorously with a reporter over the use of the phrase, "passed on." Can you imagine how dictatorial Cashman must be towards dissenters within his own ranks behind closed doors?
This doesn't resemble a "god" at all. If anything, it resembles a caricature of God in the story of Job from the old testament.
Summary: Job was an ardent worshipper. He also had a great life. God was pretty happy with Job. The devil made a bet with God that even his most loyal follower would turn on him if He punished Job with disease, death and overall misery. God took the bet. God then methodically destroyed every good thing Job had going for him. Eventually after every horrible affliction you can possibly imagine befell Job and his family, he asked God why this happened to him. In other words, he questioned God. The Devil won the bet. God appeared and spoke to Job and blasted him for having the audacity to dare question Him. Job apologized.
Obviously, this is a gross oversimplification of a biblical story, but Cashman more closely resembles this vindictive lord than he does any sort of all-knowing all-capable loving force. He's more of an old-testament type, yet at the same time he is abandoning the Yankee tradition and going all new testament with analytics and fiscal conservatism. In other words, he has the wrath of old-testament God and he won't die for his sins. Does that sound like a "Cashgod" to you?
We don't own the Yankees, the owners can do whatever they choose. But you better believe we bear an extreme fiscal burden everytime we go to a Yankee game. If I can pay $45 to park, or $13 for a beer, or $162 for a decent seat on a fairly laid back regular season game on my measly salary, I do not want to hear the billionaire-owned Yankee organization complain to me about their expenses. As a consumer, it's my right to tell them to go take a walk if I don't like their product or the cost.
We are not paying for a “legitimate shot” at a championship. Chances don't cost $200+ a night unless I'm at Empire City Casino, and at least there I know I'm going to lose before the night even starts. If a "chance" is what the Yankees are trafficking in, then charge us the same cost that the Tampa Bay Rays charge their fans. They just want a shot at winning too.
This isn't broadway. We're not here for tragedy. When we dish out money for a play in Manhattan, there is a mutual understanding. We are consenting to having our hearts broken. Show me the human condition, warts and all. Make us laugh. Make us cry.
That's not why we overpay to go to Yankee games. We're not here for theater. We are paying the highest prices in baseball because the Yankee brand is winning. We are paying for victory. We are paying for a dynasty, for a tradition of dominance. There is an understanding between Yankee fans that we will pay any price for baseball divinity.
Divinity is perfection. Divinity is all-knowing. All-encompassing. Omniscient. Omnipresent. Omnipotent. If the Yankee roster is Cashmans' creation, Cashman is an imperfect creator.
The "Cashgod" does not have the power of the wallet. Nor is he present on the big-ticket free-agent market. He does not have the knowledge necessary to be the disrupting force in the game of baseball. That credit goes to organizations like the Athletics, who started the Sabermetrics movement with “money ball.” Or the Royals, who won a World Series with a bullpen. Or the Rays, who started the "opener" trend. Or the Red Sox, who spread their money throughout free agency in 2013 rather than going after the big names. Or the Astros, with their sign-stealing operations. The Yankees are copying, not creating. Worst of all, they're not even replicating the success of the innovators. Unless of course you consider the Rays a success. Funny coincidence, the Rays are a Tampa Bay team, and that's where the Steinbrenners reside. Home is where the heart is, as they say.
Perhaps there was a scaithing viciousness in the old testament God. Such brutality can wear on even the most devout believer. However, in the ultimate display of compassion and egalitarianism, the new testament God sent His own son, who was actually a part of He Himself in human form, to die brutally and unceremoniously for the sins of all men.
In that moment on the cross, even Jesus Himself questioned God, just as Job did. He asked, "Why have you forsaken me?" At least us mere mortals had the vindication of knowing that God gets it.
The false, "Cashgod" and his "heavenly" owners feel no remorse punishing us with high prices and losing teams because they know that Yankee fans are little more than religious zealots. We will recite the doctrine like scripture and we will kneel before the altar of the Bronx. Step out of the orthodoxy and be burned at the stake. Sweeny Murti for a moment became a blasphemer, invoking the ancient tradition of the old-Yankee commandment, “thou shall not let the best players go to rivals,” and the Yankees were eager to strike him down with lightning. In their warped, revisionist covenant, Sweeny had sinned and must enter a confessional booth to repent.
Only so many heretics may be disposed of before the "Cashgod" is revealed as human. Flawed, capable of and prone to making poor decisions. Failing with regularity. Petulant. Unwavering. Dishonest. With Cashman, there have not been any miracles. He has been unable to turn water to wine. He descends into the river when he tries to walk across it. He refuses to be questioned and will not denounce his falsehoods and self-righteousness. We Romans are gathered at his Coliseum for one reason and one reason only. Not for entertainment, but victory. When we do not have it we demand it. Yet the almighty, "Cashgod" talks down to us.
In 2020 A.D., if he does not secure the ultimate victory, he will be dragged before Pontius Pilot.
If you are indeed the “Cashgod,” then this is your cross to bear.
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u/vernazza's unnecessarily long guide to Budapest

Free 30+ page travel guide about Budapest, Hungary and bits of Central Europe. Enjoy!
Information correct as of summer 2020. If you find anything incorrect or would like to make requests, suggestions (or just want to say hi), please do that here! You should also drop by in /budapest to see past questions and to get advice from multiple people.
I would also greatly appreciate your post-trip feedbacks about whether my recommendations worked out for you or not! Restaurants, clubs can undergo radical changes and it's not always possible to keep track of every single one.
The local charity I support is the Hungarian Food Bank Association. For every €1 donated they are able to save €30 worth of perishable food and have it reach underprivileged Hungarian families. If you find this guide useful, please consider donating to them!
Some links use URL-shorteners, so I could track how many of you are using this guide. Nothing fishy waiting for you behind them.
See my suggestions in the comments below about:
The situation is subject to change momentarily, this information is current as of September 2020. Eastern Europe as a whole has largely been spared from the worst of it, including Hungary, and the risk of transmission is low.
Presently foreigners are banned from entry altogether. Exceptions are in place for people with ties to the country (family members, studies, work, those holding residence permits), and people transiting by car on designated highways.
The situation will be revised monthly, with experts saying the second peak is expected for December-January.
In the country, you need to wear a mask on public transport, inside shops, malls, cinemas, museums. You don't need to wear them inside restaurants, cafes, bars, but they must close by 23.00. Social distancing rules are in place, but largely ignored.
Hungary has a continental climate with 4 seasons. Summer is the main season, a slightly less busy time to visit is April to mid-June and September to October, but the weather is less predictable. Those uncomfortable with 30+C (>85F) temperatures should visit around then as 35+C (>95F) is not uncommon in the summer. November through March has -5 to 10 (20-50F) and possibly gloomier weather – but fewer tourists.
Currency: the Hungarian Forint (HUF, Ft). Fair exchange rates for Euros is around 330-335Fts, for US Dollars around 300. Only use currency exchanges where the buy/sell spread isn't greater than 5-6Fts for these two currencies!
Citizens of 62 countries do not require a visa to enter the Schengen Area and can stay for maximum 90 days within a rolling 180-day window. See here if you don’t know what that entails. EU member countries that are not members of the Schengen Area are Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania, and the United Kingdom, visits to these do not count toward your 90 days. Non-EU countries part of the Schengen Area are Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, visits to these do count toward the cap.
Because we both know you want to do your own research, use:
See the city in 4K, or with Rick Steves.
However nothing beats having a physical guidebook in your hand! Lonely Planet has the best and most recent issue.
Read up on the concept of coconut and peach cultures, as sometimes the reserved and distant behaviour of locals can be misinterpreted by ‘peach’ visitors as rudeness – nope!
This is a comprehensive itinerary, but leaves out the best museum of the city: the House of Terror, a solemn museum of the Nazi and Soviet occupation and crackdowns (get the audio guide or be prepared to peruse dozens of pamphlets). There's an attendance limit, so you might need to wait up to 30-45 minutes to get in when it's the busiest. When you are around Deák Ferenc tér, drop by in the Tourinform office (Sütő utca 2., the small street near the church) to stock up on free maps, printed guides of the city. WeLoveBudapest prints a comprehensive and free one every year around June.
I suggest 4 full days to discover Budapest, or 3 faster paced ones. Make it 5-7 if you'd like to make a few daytrips (Szentendre - open-air ethnographic museum, cobblestoned, quaint center, Esztergom - Central Europe's largest cathedral and religious center, Visegrád - medieval castle, Eger - medieval castle and wine region). Most of Hungary’s highlights can be visited in 2 weeks. For more details on countryside and international trips, see my comment below.
Meal times and habits are typical to central Europe: breakfast is usually done at home, not much of a culture of eating out in the morning. But a large number of new wave breakfast places have popped up in the past years, which offer ample opportunities for visitors, normally from 8am. Lunch is at midday, after 1pm most places are going to be fairly empty and many will stop serving lunch after 2pm. The standard time for dinner is 7pm, bookings for later than 8pm are unusual. Lots of restaurant kitchens close at 10pm (with the restaurant following suit 30-60 minutes later), finding a meal after that hour is challenging for anything other than street food.
Gellért is the most aesthetic, Széchenyi the largest and most popular among foreigners (Sparty can get crazy with lots of drinking, puking and sex going on in the pools, but it is wildly overpriced and 100% aimed at visitors). Rudas is a Turkish hamam with swimwear optional, single-gender weekdays (women-only on Tuesdays, coed and swimwear-mandatory on the weekend). Lukács is plain and personally I’m not a fan of it – tourists only visit it because it’s included free with the Budapest Card. For more details on the baths, see this.
For off the beaten path sights, ride the D11 or D12 public boat lines for a cheap alternative to paid cruises (travelcards only valid on weekdays, otherwise 700Ft), check out the Pinball Museum, Hospital in the Rock or check out this section for a lot more off the beaten path ideas.
Hungary has the world’s highest effective VAT (=sales tax) at 27%. Non-EU/EEA tourists are eligible for VAT refund on their qualifying purchases if they complete the paperwork (min. €175 value per transaction, passport+reclaim form stamped by customs official).
The most popular and best accessible mall of the city is WestEnd on Nyugati tér. Arena Plaza is larger by floor area and carries a couple brands that can’t be found elsewhere, but is less centrally located (10min walk from Keleti train station). Don’t expect to find bargains on clothing or electronics, prices are similar to Western Europe and over North American or Asian ones.
For more information on shopping and VAT refund, see here.
Paprika Market is a decent souvenir shop in the sea of overpriced, terrible quality crap on Váci utca.
Magma Gallery for contemporary and affordable jewelry, ceramics and home decor items by local designers is just one street over on Petőfi Sándor utca.
Check out the antique bookstores alongside Múzeum körút between Astoria and Kálvin tér, some have Socialist-era posters available for sale from 30€ and up, that could be a unique gift/home decor to take home. Ecseri road flea market for more antiques, go early on Saturdays.
Hungarian cuisine is hearty and filling, with a heavy use of meats. Must-try foods are:
For authentic recipes, recommendations for recipe blogs or cookbooks, tips for cooking traditional Hungarian meals, see here
For edible souvenirs to bring home with you:
Grocery stores include Spar, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl. Avoid CBA and Coop, low quality for high prices. Small convenience stores, many 24/7, also dot the city at higher prices.
The most popular and best accessible mall of the city is WestEnd on Nyugati tér.
Alcohol is sold at every one, but some (mostly residential) districts enact a ban on the sale between 22.00-06.00. The central Pest districts don’t have such limitations in place.
Tobacco is sold at tobacconists (‘nemzeti dohánybolt’ ). These shops are also exempt from the evening alcohol sale ban if you find yourself in such a district. Flavored cigarettes are banned in Hungary, so no Black Devils or Sobranies.
Budgets (per person)
For reasonable comforts, I would suggest aiming for at least €50 per day excluding accommodation. Hotel prices significantly vary in and outside high season.
Getting around
Do not buy the Budapest Card, it is not a bargain, even if every travel blogger seems to think otherwise! You would need to visit at least 3-4 museums a day to break even and the free visit to the pretty plain Lukács Baths could mean you’d deny yourself going to the much more interesting mainstream alternatives, such as Gellért or Széchenyi. The discounted museums are second-rate and typically not what most visitors choose to hit up on their own.
Do buy a public transport travelcard, the 1, 3 or 5-day unlimited options require no validation or ID (common reasons for fines). For week-long stays, the 7-day travelcard needs an ID number and that you have the document on you at all times. Please do not try to get around by using single tickets!
The travelcards are economical (from €5/24h to €15/week) and easy to use: no validation, you just show it to the controllers. Validity starts immediately by default, or you can select a later starting date (always from midnight). 7-day and monthly passes require an ID/passport number, and you must have the ID on you whenever you travel, otherwise you risk getting fined! Groups of 4 or more can also buy the even more economical '24h group travelcard', but all persons must travel together using that.
Common reasons for fines
Ticket inspectors (must have an anonymized badge and armband) are notoriously brash, speak subpar English. Paying on the spot lets them give you a discounted fine of 8000 instead of the regular 16000 through postal order or wire transfer, they aren't looking to scam you if they offer you that. Fines are pursued internationally through collection agencies, multiplying the original amount once their fees are added.
Cheapest way to get to the city from the airport is by public transport. I suggest paying the 900Ft supplementary ticket for the 100E bus. The southern portion of the M3 subway is under reconstruction, during that period the 200E buses go beyond their usual terminus, Kőbánya-Kispest and take you to Nagyvárad tér station, where the subway runs from. The purple ticket machines at the airport and all over the city take chipped cards. Shuttle bus is a good compromise between price and comfort and depart when full or close to.
Ignore touts walking up to you offering cabs in the arrival hall, use the official Főtaxi booth immediately outside the building. Rates are centralized: flagfall 700Ft, 300Ft/km, 75Ft/min waiting. The fair price to the centre is around 7-9.000Fts. Rides inside the centre are typically under 3.000. All taxi companies have passable reputations with a few horror stories about each, Főtaxi (+36-1-222-2222), 6x6 Taxi (+36-1-666-6666), City Taxi (+36-1-211-1111) are a few. There are some stories of even company cab drivers trying to rip off naive-looking tourists, especially around train and bus stations, so consider legal Uber-alternative Taxify/Bolt (Android, iOS). Uber is banned.
Most companies have apps, but they have terrible design and might set an unchangeable pick up location 5-10 minutes away from you. It’s much better to order by phone, they have English-speaking operators. If you must use an app, choose Taxify.
Cabbies are the only ones eclipsing the ticket inspectors in notoriety. I cannot emphasize enough: DO NOT USE THE ONES WITH ‘FREELANCER’ ON THE FRONT DOORS!!! These drivers are nicknamed 'hyenas', work independently, they always have rigged meters and are known to sometimes assault customers who don’t comply with their ridiculous demands. If you hail on the street, be absolutely certain you’re getting into a company cab (logo on the front doors).
A known scam by the hyenas, fraudsters and illegal street exchangers is giving you worthless currencies with similarly high denominations as the Forint – namely the Indonesian Rupiah or the old Belarusian Ruble.
Bag handlers at the airport steal from unsecured luggage. Never put any valuables in your checked luggage!
Overly friendly, attractive women approaching you in broad daylight 'to practice their English' and taking you to scammy cafés where you'll be charged €300 for a bottle of bottom-shelf champagne are also to be avoided. Recently a Redditor reported the same happening to him through Tinder, so be very suspicious of anyone insistent on going to a particular establishment. The scam café was Hajós Café on Hajós utca. Another known scam location is Café Fidelité on Révay utca.
Otherwise general safety cautions should be exercised: watch your valuables in crowded spaces for pickpockets, be wary of overly friendly strangers approaching you and introducing the idea of going to a club or bar by their 5th sentence or of people pretending to be authority.
Policemen typically wear dark blue uniforms and white shirts , sometimes with a visibility vest and can be identified by the numbered metal badges on their chest and their separate police ID card which you can ask to inspect before complying with their orders. Scammers use fake police IDs to part you with your cash under the guise of inspecting the notes for counterfeits. Always ask to see it first: this is real, this is fake – notice where the real one has a serial number, the fake says POLICE. If the issue is anything halfway serious, ask to be escorted to the nearest police station – it will scare away scammers playing dress up.
The emergency number is 112 for police, ambulance or firefighters, there are English-speaking operators (works throughout the EU).
If you get pickpocketed, notify both the police and in case of losing your travel documents, your embassy. Thieves are usually courteous enough to leave papers near trash bins, so walk around in the neighbourhood to see if you can recover them. If you find someone else’s, hand in to the nearest police station.
Getting around
the city is easy, Budapest has one of the best public transport systems of the continent. Use Google Maps for orientation and getting around! Tickets and passes with rates are listed here.
All EU/EEA citizens aged 65+ travel for free on all Hungarian public transport, including trains, distance buses. Picture ID and administrative 0 Ft ticket required. Age 65 is not included.
Student discounts are available to full-time students in EU/EEA countries with a valid student ID. If it doesn’t have it, also carry a picture ID. EU citizenship not required, you only need to study there full-time (not applicable for exchange students unless they get ID issued). The monthly student pass (3450) is cheaper than the 72h travel card (4150) for identical benefits.
The 4 subway lines are coded by numbers and, unofficially, colour (1-yellow, 2-red, 3-blue, 4-green). The busiest, M3, is under renovation until 2021, but remains in partial operation, see details here. The entire line shuts down after 8pm and all day on weekends (replacement buses operate), and one section of the line is always out of service. For 2019 it’s the southern segment, between Kőbánya-Kispest and Nagyvárad tér. During this time the 200E airport bus will take you to the more central Nagyvárad tér stop (from where the subway runs) instead of its regular terminus of Kőbánya.
In Budapest driving is not recommended for the perpetual lack of parking spaces, congestion and because there's really no need to. If you must arrive by car, pick a hotel with parking, use the free parking lot at Kelenföld subway station, street-parking by StarPark at Podmaniczky utca at ~€8/24h, or opt for a more central location (such as one of CarE Park’s garages ) at ~20€/24h, €100/week and do not use it for getting around in the city. Public areas are metered in the entire centre, typically charging 1.5€/h with a cap of 3 hours on a ticket.
The Bubi city bike system is available for anyone’s use. The rates are very favourable (500Ft for 1-day, 1000 for 3 for the pass), but a deposit of €80 will be docked when you register and might take a few weeks to release. First 30 minutes are free, after it's 500Ft/30min on top of the daily pass' price.
Two e-car sharing systems compete in Budapest. I suggest using MOL Limo, as you can complete your licence verification remotely (do it before arrival, they might take a day or three if they are backlogged). Despite the name, the cars are tiny, automatic VW up!s, the majority electric and all automatic. Age limit 18, min. 1-year old national licence, foreign ones accepted, €20 registration fee and €0.25/min rate. Coverage includes basically every area of note to tourists in the centre, except the Castle and underground garages (as well as the airport). Expansion is planned for the future. You cannot park (leave the car) outside the coverage area, but you can drive through.
The best rated tour bus company is Big Bus, Giraffe (aka. the red Hop On Hop Off ones) tends to get mixed-to-negative reviews. Segway tours also available.
Free thematic walking tours of the city depart in front of the lion fountain on Vörösmarty tér daily. A tip of 2000-2500Ft/person suggested, but they're are chill about it, you can give less if you're on a budget.
River cruises run during the day and the evening, including dinner (usually not great, save for one) or party in the latter case. The most popular is Legenda, partiers choose Boat Party.
One standout cruise is Pannónia Gastro Boat that goes above and beyond the standard quality of service of other operations and often host guest chefs from innovative countryside restaurants.
Public transport alternative is the D11 or D12 boat lines between Boráros tér going up to Népfürdő utca (or getting off at Jászai Mari tér or Margaret island 1 or 2 stops prior). Tram 2 between Jászai Mari tér and Boráros tér hugs the Danube on the Pest side and loops around the Parliament for a similarly nice experience. Seasonal operations, normally from March through October.
The currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (1EUR=330HUF, 1USD=300HUF in November 2019), but I’ve listed prices in Euros (€). Check for current rates here.
Don't exchange Forints at home, bring USD/EUGBP in cash or a chipped card with you – the withdrawal fee is far smaller than what you’d lose by the atrocious rates available to you at home (exception: neighbouring countries).
With cards, Visa, Mastercard are best, Maestro acceptable. Avoid Amex, Diners Club and other uncommon non-European issues.
CAD/AUD/JPY/CNY will be exchanged at slightly worse rates, but still much better than if you’d exchange Forints at home. I don't recommend bringing currencies other than the ones I've mentioned and those from neighboring countries, but if you do, Tichi Change exchanges almost every valid currency in the world at as good of a rate as you could realistically hope for.
When the ATM asks you if you want to be charged in your home currency, say no and opt for Forints or you'll lose up to 30% due to the poor conversion rate! Learn more about the rip-off of dynamic currency conversion here and steer clear of the ATMs operated by Euronet. Besides the dynamic currency conversion ripoff, they will also prompt you to withdraw ridiculously high amounts of money (equivalent of $500 or more) that you will not be able to spend in 3-4 days.
Don't exchange any money with bright orange Interchange they use ripoff rates (>30% spread). They hava e monopoly at the airport and are also present throughout the city in premium locations, such as Váci utca. Street exchange is illegal and a good way to get scammed.
Tons of fine currency exchanges around the city, the best USD and EUR rates are at Gold Change but use your eyes: the buy/sell spread shouldn’t be more than 1-3% apart for these, or 2.5-5% at banks. Exchange offices and banks do not take cards! You may only use them for ATM withdrawals.
Make sure to bring an unlocked phone, ideally a dual-SIM one.
The 3 main carriers are Vodafone, Telekom (T-Mobile) and Telenor. The best prepaid package is Telekom's Domino Fix with the 1/3/30-day unlimited 4G add-on, costing 990+9900Fts (€32) for the 30-day option. SIM cards need to be activated after purchase, so buy them at brand stores where help is available instead of supermarkets or gas stations.
Roaming fees within the EU have been abolished in 2017, you will be able to use your SIM in any EU member country, but not as if it would be local. I.e. a Vodafone Hungary-issued SIM will be roaming on Vodafone Austria’s network. Some 'reasonable' data caps remain in place, which are determined by the cost of your service.
Outside the EU there are punitive data rates. I once managed to rack up a $90 bill for 5MB by accident.
Rates are for high season (late April through September, Christmas, NYE), might be 50+% lower on other dates
Location: if you plan on sleeping, the party district (VII., inside the ring road) should be avoided, as well as VIII. outside of it and around Keleti train station for safety reasons/because you can get nicer digs elsewhere. An under the radar gem of an area is VII. between Múzeum körút and the ring road. Buda is nowhere as dead as tourists collectively imagine it to be (especially around Széll Kálmán tér), don’t shun it if you find someplace nice there.
Eat at
For more detailed restaurant recommendations, see this comment. August visitors, check the restaurants' websites and Facebook to see if they aren't on holiday!
The quality of service is a common source of complaints, don't take it too hard if it happens to you. Tip is 10% most of the time, unless you’re really dissatisfied or find yourself absolutely elated. Many top end restaurants add a ~12% service charge to the bill, tipping on top of that is not expected, though naturally it will be appreciated.
Neither regular, nor ost fast food restaurants do refills. The only exceptions are all KFCs and a few Burger Kings.
Smoking is banned at all restaurants, bars and basically every facility open to the public. Designated smoking areas can be found outside on the street.
Try pálinka (~40% ABV fruit brandy), Unicum (herbal bitteaperitif, like Jäger), bikavér from Eger and Szekszárd (lit. ‘bull’s blood’, a full-bodied red), Tokaji aszú (similar to white Port, made of hand-picked berries with noble rot, named the "wine of kings, king of wines" from the 18th century) or fröccs (spritzer, white or red wine mixed with seltzer – a lifesaver in the summer)!
More details in the shopping section.
Or get really local and ask for ’fény’, carbonated vodka foam over raspberry syrup. You’ll see the fény (=light) at the end of the tunnel in no time!
Eat a freshly fried lángos at market halls (acceptable toppings: sour cream, garlic, cheese, perhaps ham and cabbage - certainly none of that tourist stuff with nutella, Hungarian sausage or kebab...) and fried sausage from a butcher shop such as 1951 establishment Balla Hús in Városház utca or the more contemporary Belvárosi Disznótoros eatery. The gallery of the Hold utca market hall hosts quality street food vendors, Karaván food truck yard right next to Szimpla.
For more detailed recommendations, including strip clubs, casinos and more, see this comment.
A casual evening
Ruin pubs
Mainstream clubs
Rock and miscellaneous
Gay bars
Get out
See train schedules on Elvira, check for buses on (this site combines bus and train schedules, but has no English version, check for the orange or blue icon on the left side to see which is which).
Daytrip options include
For multi-day excursions, including to lake Balaton and detailed information on car rental, countryside and international tourism opportunities, click here
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List of Structures & Landmarks ( Fantasy World )

Structure / Landmark Names:
Abattoir (slaughterhouse)
Academy (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, military, naval, royal, science)
Ale House (tavern)
Altar (deity, element, power, environment, luck, magic, old one, outsider, sacrificial, spirit, etc)
Arena (+ gladiatorial, music, performance, racing, sports)
Auction House
Battle Ground
Black Market, Underground Market
Board (+ message, quest)
Boom Chain - harbor chain or river chain used to block boats. Operated from a chain tower
Bridge (Covered Bridge, Draw Bridge, Rope Bridge, Sky Bridge)
Brothel, House of Ill Repute
Burial Mound
Cache (+ pirates, rebel, smugglers, thieves)
Caer / Cair (stronghold)
Caravan (wagons)(+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, prison, refugee, settlers, slavers)
Caravanserai (inn / outfitter for caravans)
Casino, Gambling Hall
Cellar (+ root, storm, wine)
Chain Tower - tower used to raise or lower a boom chain (harbor or river chain)
Circle of Stones
Circle of Wagons
Cliff Dwellings
Coach House
College (+ alchemist, arcane, bards, healers, mages, naval, of artificers, of science, royal)
Conservatory (greenhouse)
Convent, Nunnery
Corral (cattle, horse, livestock)
Covered Walkway
Croft (rented farmhouse & land)
Den (+ assassins, drug, gambling, hookah, opium, smugglers, thieves)
Dig Site (fossils, minerals, ruins)
Dock (boat, ship, airship)
Dojo, Sparring Hall, Training Hall
Drug (+ den, lounge, parlor)
Dugout, Pit-House
Dungeon, Jail, Prison
Embassy (+ country, race, realm, world)
Executioners Block
Farm (animal, crop, dairy, share croppers)
Fighting Pit
Flotilla (+ town, village, city)
Fort, Fortress (+ coastal, island, mountain, sea / wooden, stone, metal)
Fortifications (cheval de frise, moat, palisade, towers, trench, wall, wooden stakes)
Gallows, Gibbet
Gambling (+ den, hall, lounge, parlor), Casino
Garden, Gardens (+ crop*, flower, hanging, herb, mushroom, rock, rooftop, sculpture, zen)
Gate, Gates
Gate House
Giant (+ construct, golem, idol, mecha, statue)
Gibbet, Gallows
Grange - farmhouse & outbuildings
Grave (+ fresh, marker, mass, open, site, stone, vacated, yard)
Grave Yard
Grounds (+ burial, fair, parade, sacred, tourney, training)
Guard House
Guard Post
Guild, Guild Hall, Guild House
Hall (+ city, gambling, guild, mead, meeting, music, opera, town, training)
Hanging Tree, Hangmans Tree
Hatchery (animal, beast, monster)
Hedge Maze
Hookah (+ bar, den, lounge, parlor)
Horreum (warehouse)
Hostel (bed & breakfast)
House (+ bath, boat, coach, coffee, farm, guard, guest, guild, long, manor, opera, ritual, safe, smoke, summer, tea, theater, turf, winter)
House of Ill Repute, Brothel
Hut, Huts (adobe, cloth, earthen, grass, hide, ice, mud, snow, stone, straw, wood)
Jail, Dungeon, Prison
Library (+ arcane, great, royal)
Lift (wench & platform)
Lock, Locks (waterway)
Lodge (+ hunting, masons, medicine, porters, safari, secret society*, sweat, wardens)
Lyceum - hall for public lectures
Machinery (from bygone age or civilization / size – cart, building, town)
Magical Construct (energy construct, giant levitating crystal, moving sculpture, rune stones, sigil stones)
Marker Stone (border stone, boundary stone)
Market, Market Place, Market Square
Market Stall, Street Stall
Massage Parlor
Mead Hall
Messenger Pigeon Loft
Mews (row or courtyard of stables and carriage houses with living quarters above them)
Midden (+ heap, mound, pile)
Mine, Mines (coal, crystal [normal, magic], gem stone [normal, magic], guano, metal [normal, magic], mineral [normal, magic], salt, substance)
Mission (place for missionary work)
Moat (+ dry, lava, mud, quicksand, spiked, tar, water)
Mound (+ burial, ceremonial, midden, shell, temple)
Music Hall
Nunnery, Convent
Opera Hall / Opera House
Opium Den
Parade Grounds, Training Grounds
Parlor, Parlour (drug, massage, tattoo)
Pen, Pens (+ animal, monster, slave)
Pillar, Pillars
Pit (+ dwelling, fighting, monster, prison, slave)
Prison, Dungeon, Jail
Public Square
Pyre (+ funeral)
Quarry (crystal, magic crystal, metal, mineral, stone, substance)
Ranch (animal, monster)
Redoubt (temporary fortification)
Reflecting Pool, Reflection Pool
Road, Roads (cobblestone, dirt, paved / + abandoned, cross, main, rural)
Root Cellar
Ruin, Ruins
Rune Stone
Sally Port (secure, controlled entry way to a fortification or prison)
Sculpture (+ large, giant, garden, scale city model)
Sea Gate
Sea Wall
Sewer, Sewers
Shanty Town
Ship Graveyard
Shipyard, Shipyards
Shrine (deity, druidic, element, power, environment, guardian, luck, magic, old one, outsider, spirit, etc)
Siege Tower
Sign Post
Site (+ building, camp, construction, dig, excavation, grave, ritual)
Slaughter House
Sparring Hall, Dojo, Training Hall
Square (+ market, public, town)
Statue (Idol, large, giant, guardian, monument)
Steading (farmstead, homestead)
Storehouse, Warehouse
Street Vendors, Market Stall, Street Stall ( alcove, booth, cart, stall, stand, tent)
Sun Dial
Sunken (city, ruins, ship, temple)
Supply Post
Symbol (coat of arms, emblem, flag, ritual circle, rune, seal, sigil, symbol, ward)
Taphouse (inn / tavern with liquor on tap)
Tea House
Tent City (+ merchant, military, nomads, pilgrims, refugee, settlers, squatters)
Theater House
Totem Pole
Tourney Field / Tournament Field
Tower (+ bell, chain, clock, guard, peel, siege, signal, watch, wizard)
Trade Route
Trading Post
Training Grounds, Parade Grounds
Training Hall, Dojo, Sparring Hall
Tree House
Tree Town
Trench (+ spiked)
University (+ alchemist, arcane, artificer’s, bards, healers, mages, naval, of science, royal)
Villa (large country house / estate)
Wall (+ barrier, breached, city, earthen, great, inner, outer, sea, stone, town)
Warehouse, Storehouse
Watch Tower
Water Mill
Well (+ artesian, covered, dry, house, of magic, water)
Well House
Work Camp
Yurt (round tent covered in skins or felt, used by nomads)
Zoo (mundane, rare, exotic, magical, alien - creatures)
Structure Mods: (structure type + mod)
Architectural Influence - Arabic, Asian, European, Germanic, Mexican, Turkish, Fantasy Culture, etc
Aware - animated / sentient / genius loci / benevolent / hostile / mischievous
Built Over - ancient ruins, battle ground, cave system, grave site, magical nexus, mines, portal, prison, temple, tomb, well of magic
Dimensional Anomaly - structure appears in a fixed location. appears & disappears at certain time or during certain events
Ghostly / Out of phase - structure can be seen but is intangible
Magic - absorbing, amplified magic, anti-magic, cursed, divine, infernal, magically (sealed, warded), recharge mana, reduced magic, wild magic
State - ½ buried, abandoned, barricaded, burned, collapsed, condemned, cursed, desecrated, flooded, for sale, haunted, hidden, infested, leaning, overgrown, ransacked, recently excavated, ruined, sacred, sunken, under construction
Unusual Feature - clockwork, front for “x”, hidden by illusion, levitating, mobile, on stilts, shape shifting door
Unusual Material - crystal, earth, ice, living plants, metal, monster (bone, carapace, hide, scale, shell), pykrete (ice + cotten), resin, shaped stone
Wandering - structure occasionally moves to a new location / locomotion - deconstructs & rebuilds at new location, levitating, sliding, teleportation, walking
Administration - ?
Business - market, merchant, “x” industry, trade, trader
Entertainment - arena, opera, poet, theater
Leadership - council, palace, senate
Location - canal, (n, s, e, w) gate, harbor, hill, plateau, under town, waterside
Magic - ?
Military - garrison, soldier
New vs Old - old town
Religion - temple
Social Status - royal, noble, upper class, lower class, slums / platinum, gold, silver, iron, copper / diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, jade
What it’s known for - fish, of bells, spice
Guilds: adventurers, alchemist, artisans, assassins, bankers, bards, bounty hunters, caravan trade, couriers, courtesans, craftsman, demon hunters, explorers, fighters, mage, mage hunters, masons, merchants, mercenary, miners, monster hunters, monster trainers, peace keepers, relic hunters, thieves, thief hunters, tinkerers, trade, treasure hunters, warriors, witch hunters, wizards
Offices: archivist, barrister, city hall, constable, courier, guards, guild (type), harbor master, information broker, magistrate, money changer, money lender, port authority, public records, scribe, sheriff, town hall, transportation (dirigible / magic flying ship / magic portal / stagecoach / teleportation / train), wardens
Shops: alchemist, animal trainer, apothecary, armorer, artificer, baker, barber, blacksmith, boatwright, book store, bowyer, butcher, candle maker, candy, carpenter, cheesemonger, clothier, cobbler, cooper, curio, druggist, dyer, enchanter, fishmonger, fletcher, fortune teller, general store, glass blower, hat, healer, herbalist, incense, jeweler, leather worker, lock smith, magic shop, mapmaker, mask, mercer (textiles), metal smith (gold, silver, copper, pewter), miller, oil merchant, oracle, outfitters, paper maker, pawn, perfume, pet shop, pharmacist, potter, rope maker, rug shop, sailwright, seer, shipwright, spice, stone mason, sundries, tailor, talismonger, tanner, tattoo parlor, tea shop, thatcher, tinkerer, travel office, wainwright (cartwright), weaver, ward maker, weapon smith, wig maker
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City Canal
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Derion Graveyard
Desert Oasis
Desert Street Alley
Dungeon Living Quarters
Farming Village
Forester's House
Forest Shack
Fort Construction
Fortified Settlement
Garden Temple
Goldleaf Abby
Great Library
Green Bastion
Jodak's Mill
Jungle Camp
Marble Quarry
Monster Festival
Mountain Cottage
Mountain Monastery
Mountain Temple
Pirate Tavern
Rocky Harbor
Royal Museum
Ruins of the abyss
Sacred Grove
Sanguine Inn at night
Seaside Bastion
Serene Lakeside
Shrine of the Sanguine
Sky Bridge
Taxidermy Parlour
Temple above the clouds
The Cabin
The Fighting Pit
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Travellers Guild Hall
Underdark Trading Outpost
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Witch's Cottage
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Anchorage Isle
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Swamp of Bullwugs
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Town of Tharg
Cities with backstories
Culture Generator
List of Environments & Geological Formations
tartarianarchitecture - architecture pics
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Happening in Indiana: July 3rd - 9th

Indiana's got a full slate of events for you all to enjoy this week thanks to the Fourth of July holiday, so get out there and blow shit up! Also, Indianapolis has begun their own Happenings Thread, so if you live in that region then check them out as well.
All my information comes from VisitIndiana so the list is not 100% comprehensive. If you know of anything that's missing, please post and share with everyone! If you've ever been to any of these events, or if you go this week, please share your experiences
This Week Only
Northwest Indiana
Garden and Art Walk: 11AM-3PM July 8th at the Town of Beverly Shores. Association of Beverly Shores residents and ERG will co-sponsor the annual Garden and Art Walk. Explore several different gardens, including a fairy garden, and observe on-site plain air painters (painting outside). The painters' art will also be displayed at The Depot. Again this year, your Garden and Art Walk ticket may be entered into a raffle for an original 16" x 20" acrylic painting by Susie Nichols.
Cedar Lake Summerfest: June 30th - July 4th at Cedar Lake Town Complex. Enjoy activites for all ages on the shore of Cedar Lake when the town complex transforms into 18 acres of fun featuring: Live Entertainment, Fireworks, Midway Games, Amusement Rides, Bingo Tent, Beer Garden, Boat Parade, R C Racing, New free Car Show ... and much more! Don't forget the food! Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, Corn Dogs, Steak Dinners, Pancake & Sausage Breakfast, and over a dozen other tasty treats! Merchandise & Crafts
Fourth of Juluau Pig Roast: 7-11PM July 3rd at US Steel Yard, Gary Railcats. Don't miss an All-American Pig Roast featuring Indiana Pork with our first-ever 4th of Juluau Pig Roast presented by ! Make sure you're here early as Barefoot Hawaiian will be performing a traditional luau with fire dancers! Stick around after the game for a special Fireworks show!
Venetian Night: 8AM-10PM July 8th at the Hammond Marina. Join us for a day of quality entertainment and events, as well as beautiful evening fireworks, at our annual Venetian Night on Saturday, July 8. Events get underway at 8:00 a.m. with the All Marina Bake Sale and conclude with a spectacular fireworks show on Lake Michigan at 10:00 p.m.
4th of July at the Hesston Steam Museum: 12-5Pm July 1st-4th at the Hesston Steam Museum. 4th of July weekend is America's holiday. Spend it with machines that built this great country and climb aboard all 3 of our steam powered railroads for a scenic ride through our woods.
LaPorte Jaycees 4th of July Parade and Fireworks: July 4th at Downtown LaPorte/LaPorte County Fairgrounds. The 71st Annual LaPorte Jaycee's 4th of July Parade starts at 10am. July 4th Fireworks at the fairgrounds will begin at dusk.
LaPorte County Fair: July 7th-15th at LaPorte County Fairgrounds. Join us for the 1272nd LaPorte County Fair featuring Big & Rich on July 12th and Granger Smith July 13th. Enjoy great music and entertainment, fantastic food, livestock, carnival, 4-H exhibits and Pioneer Land all week long.
Native American Heritage Day at Friendship Botanic Gardens: 12-4PM at Friendship Botanic Gardens. Visitors will have the chance to learn about Indigenous Peoples' traditional gardening, trapping, cooking and crafting techniques.
Independence Day Fireworks: 6-1130PM July 3rd at Centennial Park. Fireworks Show: 9:30 pm. Music: 7:30-11:00 pm Featuring "Together". Concessions and Beer Garden
4th of July Parade: Starting at 2PM. Begins at Fisher and Calumet, proceeds north to Ridge Road and East to Munster Town Hall.
Portage 4th of July Festival & Parade: 5-9PM July 4th at Willowcreek Middle School. Vendors will be set up around the football field. Live music will be played from 7-9pm, with fireworks beginning at dusk
Shirley Heinze Nature Photography Hike: 5-7PM July 6th at the John Merle Coulter Natural Preserve. Join Susan Kirt, an award-wimming photographer with a background in biology and botany, at the John Merle Nature Preserve in search of the perfect shot. Seasonal highlights of the preserve will be photographed as Susan shows her tips and tricks for nature photography. This walk also includes a brief history of the preserve. All levels of photography are welcome, so bring your camera or smartphone! Registration is required
Family 4th Fest: 9AM-11PM July 4th at Hawthorne Park. Family fun on the 4th of July. parade 9am begins at Yost Elementary School and ends in the park. Free games and activities for kids. Lions Club pancake breakfast 7-11am, Turtle Derby 11am (for details see Chesterton Lions website), bounce houses, music, beer garden, food and fireworks at dusk.
Bailly Homestead Candlelight Tour (Full Moon): 730-900PM July 8th at the Billy/Chellberg parking lot. Experience the nightlife of 150 years ago during a ranger-led tour of the historic Bailly Homestead in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. During the program, learn about the lifestyles of the fur traders and native Potawatomi before touring the first floor of the Bailly House while it is lit by candlelight. Meet at the Bailly Homestead/Chellberg Farm parking lot. This program includes a shore 1/3 mile-long hike to the homestead. Allow about one hour to visit the site. No reservations are necessary. Insect repellent is recommended and be sure to bring a flashlight for the hike back to the parking lot after the program
Kayak Fishing: 7-10AM July 9th, call 219-395-1882 for location. Paddle with a ranger and join in the pursuit for the elusive Skamania Steelhead. bring your own equipment, wear a lifejacket, and obey fishing laws.
Valparaiso 4th of July Celebration: 630-830PM at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. There will be music and activities. The fireworks show begins at approximately 9:15 p.m., bring lawn chairs or blankets for seating. Vendors will be available to purchase refreshments.
We Are Porter County Series: 9AM-5PM July 6th at the Porter County Museum. "We are Porter County" will highlight the formation of the county from its founding in 1836 to present day. Held on the first Thursday of each month.
Shakespeare in the Park: The Taming of the Shrew: July 7th-8th at Central Park Plaza. Join CST under the stars for a classic romp about the love/hate courtship of Petruchio and the headstrong Katherina at the 6th Annual Shakespeare in the Park, The Taming of the Shrew, a tale that is filled with mistaken identities, humor and wit.
Acorn Concert Series - The Black Lillies and the Way Down Wand: 7-10PM July 8th at Taltree Arboretum and Gardens. Named as one of Rolling Stones Magazine's "10 artists you need to know", The Black Lillies an award-winning blend of country, alt-rock, neo-folk, and mountain music. cording to Rolling Stone Magazine, "no independent band has played the Grand Ole Opry more often then The Black Lillies". Opening for The Black Lillies is The Way Down Wanderers. This Americana group formed in Chicago was listed on Spotify's Songpicker's 2016 Best Song Playlist and listed as 2014's best emerging artist by Deli Magazine. Craft beer, wine, and local food favorites will be available to purchase during the concert. Bring lawn chairs. This is a fancy-freindly event. Smoking and outside beverages are prohibited.
7th Annual Livin' It Up Music Festival: 3-9PM July 9th at Zao Island Amusement and Recreation Center. Beatles and Rolling Stones Cover Concert to benefit the Special Olympics. Tickets are available before or at the gate. featuring performance by Beggar's Banquet (Rolling Stones), Chris & Lou Beatles Experience, Disreali Gears (Cream), Ripley Street, 3 Peace and DJ Andy Petrovich. Music begins at 3pm. There will also be a variety of children's activities, and other engaging events.
July 3rd Party in the Park: 7-10PM July 3rd at Whiting Lakefront Park. Food, drinks, and live music by the Nick Danger Band with dazzling Independence Day fireworks over Lake Michigan.
Whiting’s 98th Annual 4th of July Parade: Starting at 10AM July 4th. Parade starts at 116th Street and Indianapolis Blvd. Goes south to 119th Street, makes a left on 119th Street to Front Street, makes a left on Front Street and ends in Whiting Lakefront Park. Featuring Nationally Recognized Characters followed by a Whiting Lakefront Park Character Meet & Greet.
North East Indiana
Angola Balloons Aloft: July 7th-8th at the Angola High School. Hot air balloon competition featuring special-shaped balloons plus 30 additional balloons. Other entertainment for 2017 will include remote controlled aerial displays, an expanded Kid's Fun Zone, helicopter rides, skydiving, classic car and tractor show and food and retail vendors.
Three Rivers Festival: July 7th-15th at Headwaters Park. Fort Wayne’s favorite summer party since 1969! All the great and loved events are back for this year’s festival. For additional information, please visit the Three Rivers Festival website
The Lettermen: 8PM July 8th at Foellinger Outdoor Theater. The All-American family friendly trio The Lettermen consists of Donovan Tea, Bobby Poynton, and founding Member Tony Butala. In the 1960s and 1970 The Lettermen scored over 25 chart hit singles including “Theme from “A Summer Place,’” ‘Goin’ Out of My Head / Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” and “Hurt So Bad.” The Lettermen have recorded in fourteen languages, and received eighteen gold records.
Open Streets: 11AM-3PM July 9th at Downtown Fort Wayne. Open Streets Fort Wayne will temporarily close the street to vehicles and open it to walkers, bike riders, roller skaters and fun activities such as giant inflatable games for kids. The event will allow residents to see Fort Wayne in a unique way, get some exercise and socialize with new and old friends. This year’s Open Streets Fort Wayne connects the neighborhoods of West Central, East Central, LaRez, Hoagland Masterson and Williams Woodland with the Central Business District on Calhoun Street. The event area goes from the St. Marys River south on Calhoun to Williams Street. In between there are activities that connect Berry, Wayne, Ewing and Barr Streets. Open Streets is family-friendly and free for everyone. Along the Open Street route attendees will find Activity Hubs featuring live music, golf, Fort Wayne Derby Girls, soccer, and many other activities. A full list of activities will be announced soon. Additionally, several businesses normally closed on Sunday will be open.
Splash on the Wabash - Huntington: 10AM-4PM at Forks of the Wabash Historic Park. Inner Tube Lazy River Ride Who’s ready for a fun lazy river ride down the Wabash River? The float lasts 60 to 90 minutes. There are three launch times to choose from (10 a.m., noon or 2 p.m.). Bring your own heavy duty river tube and life jacket and for only $5; or reserve one our tubes for $10. Activity limited to individuals 8+. Life jackets are required. To reserve your place and tube, visit Advance reservations required for tube rentals due to limited numbers. Cash only day of event. FREE Family activities Noon-4 p.m. - Come celebrate the rivers with free inflatables, water paddle boats for the little ones, “walk on water” balls and a zip line ($5 per run)! Children will get wet so dress them appropriately! There will be hamburgers and hotdogs for purchase. FREE Kayak Usage Noon-4 p.m. - Take a spin on the river in a kayak! Volunteers will be available to help you learn how to use this great mode of transportation. Huntington is just 90 minutes north of Indianapolis and 20 minutes from Fort Wayne. Close access to camping and hotels.
Jay County 4th of July Celebration: July 4th at the Jay County Fairgrounds. Food booths, games, talent show & more! Parade downtown 11:00 AM. Fireworks at dusk.
Central Indiana
Indiana's Most Spectacular Free Fireworks Show: 430-11PM at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino. Racing Early Post Time 4:30 pm. Free Family Fun Activities Beginning at 5:30 pm. Free Live Performance by THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS. Outdoors - Following Live Racing. Free light-up Holiday Beads – Earn 25 same-day points then visit Club Centaur starting at 4 pm. All ages welcome - Must be 21 to enter the casino.
White's Farm free 4th of July concert and fireworks: 3-10PM at White's Farm. White’s Farm will be celebrating July 4th with a special Twilight Tuesday flea market. This free, family friendly event will feature a free concert, corn hole contest, and a sunset fireworks display. White’s Farm will be celebrating July 4th with the following events: Tuesday, July 4: •3pm-dark Flea Market •3pm Music by “Second Warning” •6pm Music by “Endless Summer” •Sunset Fireworks Display All events are free to the public.
RedBull Global Rallycross: July 9th at Lucas Oil Raceway. Red Bull Global Rallycross will make its long-awaited debut in Indianapolis on July 8-9 with a brand new event at Lucas Oil Raceway. Red Bull Global Rallycross Indianapolis will kick off the second half of the series’ 2017 schedule, hosting the seventh round of this year’s championship.
National Powwow: July 6th-9th at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds. National Powwow only occurs every three years and stands as one of the nation’s largest events promoting education and awareness of the American Indian culture. The four-day event, scheduled for July 6-9, introduces visitors to a cultural experience filled with traditional singing and dancers in full regalia, primitive skills demonstrations, a living history tipi village, ethnic foods, crafts, artisans, kids’ activities and so much more.
311: 730PM July 4th at The Pavillion at Pan Am. For over two decades, fans have been treated to the genre-bending rock accompanying 311 tour dates, and now you’ll have the chance to experience it all live. The Nebraska natives are known for putting on a great show, so join the party with 311 tickets in stock now.
IPL Downtown Freedom Fest: 630-1030 July 4th at the grounds of the Indiana War Memorial. Enjoy live entertainment from the Indianapolis Colts Stage, family fun in the Royal Pin Leisure Centers Kids Area, support local small businesses in the Indiana Originals Marketplace and get a great view of the Downtown fireworks display launched from Regions Tower! Tune your radio to B105.7, 97.1 HANK FM, or 93.1 WIBC for the official fireworks soundtrack.
Mosey Down Main Street: July 8th at Downtown Lafayette. Live entertainment, food, family-friendly, free event introducing the sights, sounds, venues and merchants of downtown Lafayette.
Wabash Riverfest: 9AM-4PM July 8th at Tapawingo Park. Family-friendly celebration of the Wabash River. Canoe races, food, music, educational exhibits, 5k run, bike events, children's activities and more!
Bettye Lavette in Concert - Part of the Muncie Three Trails Music Series: 7-10PM July 8th at Cannan Commons. Three time Grammy nominee Bettye LaVette to perform in a FREE concert in downtown Muncie. “A valid rival to Aretha as the best woman soul singer of the past 50 years.”—Irish Times
Shelby County Fair: July 3rd-8th at the Shelby County Fairgrounds. 4-H exhibits, live music, great food and vendor booths. Superb midway and special activities every night.
FREE Star Spangled Grandeur Spectacular Fireworks Show: July 3rd 12PM-11PM at the Indiana Grand Racing and Casino. MONDAY, JULY 3 - OUTDOOR PATRIOTIC PICNIC •Free Live Show with the FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS at 8PM Outside on Trackside Apron •Free DJ Square at 9PM at Center Bar on the Casino Floor •FREE Star Spangled Grandeur spectacular FIREWORKS show at 10PM. Plus it's FREEdom Weekend. Free Patriotic Fun the Whole Weekend! Must be 21 to enter the casino
BREATHE a Slackline and Discovery Festival: July 6th-9th at Stable Studios. Breathe Festival is a legitimate good time for folks who like to feel alive. This family friendly event is centered around the art of slacklining. Though it's reach expands much further to encompass yoga, dance, flow arts, paddle boarding, meditation, drumming, a talk tent, & hiking! Workshops are available at any practice level. As camping event, a community kitchen will be designated so if you decide to come alone, you have one more delicious opportunity to make friends. We are an activity camp by day with roaring bon fire parties at night. And, someone always manages to bring along a huge tub of s'more making stuff. Come Breathe with Us!
Southern Indiana
Battle of Corydon Re-enactment: July 8th-9th at Hayswood Nature Reserve. Join us for the re-enactment of the Battle of Corydon at Hayswood Nature Reserve. Saturday, July 8th - Corydon Battle Park – Open from 10am – 5pm, Cabin tours, speakers, On the square – 10am-12pm, Federal army recruitment by the Indiana Legion, Hayswood Nature Reserve – Camps open from 10am – 5pm, Demonstrations, displays, speakers, vendors, Battle Reenactment at 3pm. Sunday, July 9th - Corydon Battle Park – Open from 12 – 5pm, Cabin tours, speakers, Hayswood Nature Reserve – Camps open from 12 – 3pm, Demonstrations, displays, speakers, vendors, Battle Reenactment at 2pm
Corydon Capital Day: 10AM-6PM July 8th at Historic Downtown Corydon. Corydon Capital Day, “a step back in time”.
Freetown July Festival: July 7th-8th near the Freetown Fire Station. This patriotic, small town festival features vendors, fun for the family, a fish fry, a large parade, contests, music and a lot of hometown pride.
Wild West Hold Up: July 1-4 at French Lick Scenic Railway. The bandits known as the Lost River Renegades strike again on the French Lick Express. Local marshals are lookin' for brave souls to climb aboard the next train ride to help catch the scoundrels.
Haysville Ruritan Summer Fest: July 7th-8th at Haysville Park. The Haysville Raritan Summer Fest 53rd annual Haysville Sommerfest takes place on Friday, July 10, 2017, and Saturday, July 11. Events take place at Haysville Park, just west of U.S. 231 in Haysville. Admission is free with proceeds raised at the festival donated to the community.
Young Abe Lincoln - 30th Anniversary Special Presentation: 7-9PM July 6th-8th at the Lincoln Amphitheatre. Make plans this summer to witness the remarkable story of a young Abraham Lincoln, brought to life on the Lincoln Amphitheatre's performance stage for the first time since 2005! Set in the woods of his boyhood home at the picturesque Lincoln Amphitheatre, this special 30th anniversary edition of Young Abe Lincoln is a playful story chronicling the events that shaped our 16th president as he grew up in Southern Indiana. This heartwarming musical is sure to delight audiences of all ages. Children 12 and under are welcome to attend "Young Abe Lincoln" free of charge. "Young Abe Lincoln" is based on the original Billy Edd Wheeler script and is being produced by Actor's Community Theater
Linton Freedom Festival: 6-11PM July 1-8 at Humphreys Park. Host to Indiana's largest Independence Day parade on July 4 at 10AM. Week long festivities include great tenderloin sandwiches, entertainment, car show, flea market, carnival, fireworks. Times vary daily. Check our website for the complete event schedule. Spend your July 4 with us!
Pekin's Fourth of July Celebration: July 1-4 at Pekin Park and Town Area. The Pekin, Indiana Fourth of July Celebration has deep roots dating back to 1830. Proudly claiming the "Oldest Consecutive Fourth of July Celebration in the United States," Pekin's Fourth truly captures the patriotic celebrations of the past. The 2017 celebration will mark the 187th event for the town complete with fireworks, a parade, carnival, a variety of live entertainment, a prince and princess contest, queen contest, food vendors, flea market and other activities providing something for everyone.
Fireworks & Music in Rising Sun: 7-11PM July 3rd at Rising Sun Riverfront Park. The City of Rising Sun presents free fireworks and live music in downtown Rising Sun, IN, on Monday, July 3. A band performs from 7-10 p.m. at the Rising Sun Riverfront Park along the Ohio River waterfront at Front Street*. Fireworks are 10-10:30 p.m. Food is available for sale by the Rising Sun Lion's Club. The public should bring their own chairs and blankets. *The location may be subject to change to Shiner Park depending on water conditions.
Senior LPGA Championship: July 5th-12th at The Pete Dye Golf Course. The Senior LPGA Championship is coming to French Lick! A week long celebration of women's golf will start at the Donald Ross Golf Course on July 6th and will end with the Inaugural Senior LPGA Championship at the Pete Dye Golf Course on July 12th. The field of 81 players will feature a collection of past greats in the women 's game including LPGA Hall-of-Fame members, current LPGA members and major champions over the age of 45.
Northwest Indiana
Beginning Birding Program: 9-1030AM Saturdays through July 29th at the Great Marsh Trail parking lot. Join a ranger and fellow birding enthusiasts every Saturday morning. No birding experience is required. A spotting scope and binoculars will be provided. The program will start at the southern gravel parking lot followed by a short hike to the Great Marsh observation deck to look for herons, egrets, ducks and other birds of the marsh. If you arrive late, simply hike to the observation deck to join the vent. The hike will be offered every Saturday in July.
Chesterton's European Market: Every Saturday from 10AM - 2PM until October 28th on Third Street and Broadway in Downtown Chesterton. An outdoor family/artisanal market
Beach Fun Friday: Starting at 1PM Fridays in July at West Beach. Beach Day at West Beach! Activities such as kayaking, SUP's, a sunset hike, and a beach campfire. Bring a picnic dinner and eat at a picnic shelter. This event will be offered every Friday during the month of July.
Pav's Summer Car Nites - Every Tuesday evening through the summer. Variety of rides, good food and music at Pav's Restaurant
Suzy's Diner Cruise Night - Every Wednesday, April to October, 4-8 p.m at Suzy's Diner. Enjoy cool cars, music and a special discount at the diner
Pinhook Bog Open House: 12-3PM Saturdays July 1-29 at Pinhook Bog. Take a self-guided hike into the amazing Pinhook Bog at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Rangers and volunteers stationed along the trail will help you understand this unique rem ant of the last ice age that is filled with carnivorous plants, orchids and many other interesting plants. Please allow about one hour to walk the trail and tour the quaking bog. This hike will be offered every Saturday in July.
Miller Woods Hike: 130-330PM Sundays July 2-30 at Miller Woods. Join a ranger for a hike through Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore;s beautiful Miller Woods. The hike starts at the National Lakeshore's Paul H. Douglas center and travels though varied habitats including rare and beautiful black oak savanna and offers incredible views of Lake Michigan and Chicago. These hikes will be offered every Sunday in July.
Sunday Market in the Park: 8AM-2PM every Sunday through October at Centennial Park Clubhouse. Produce, plants, home-made jams and jellies, baked goods, cheese, food vendors, drinks, local crafts and artwork, jewelry, clothing, bath and beauty products, direct sales businesses and more! Live Music every other week beginning May 14
Portage Cruise-in: Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer. Variety of rides, good food and music at Woodland Park
Portage Community Market: 11AM-3PM every Sunday until September 11th at Founders Square Park. More than 30 vendors will participate in the Portage Community Market. There will be locally grown produce, flowers, popcorn, honey, bread, barbecue, handmade crafts and much more.
Portage Summer Music in the Park: Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer. All concerts will be held indoors at either Sycamore Hall or Oakwood Grand Hall in Woodland Park. Featuring Music ranges from 40s to 50s, rock & roll, swing, blues, contemporary and all featuring local talent.
Bailly Cemetery Hike & Bailly/Chellberg Open House: 12-130PM Sundays July 2-30 at Bailly Homestead & Chellberg Farm. Join rangers for an afternoon exploring two of our historic homesteads. Meet at Noon in the Bailly/Chellberg parking lot for an informative 90-minute hoe to the Bailly Cemetery. Upon returning, explore the interiors of the Chellberg Farmhouse and the historic Bailly Homestead from 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. Learn about early settlers and famers who came to this region in the1800s. You can also see the farm animals who have recently returned to the Chellberg farm. The hike will be offered every Sunday in July
Mount Baldy Hike: 10-1130AM Sundays July 2-30 at Indiana Dunes Visitor Center. Join a ranger for a special guided morning hike along a trail on the western edge to the top of famous Mount Baldy. Even though the area is closed for general public access, this ranger-led tour allows visitors to experience the beauty and spectacular views from the tallest dune in the national lakeshore. This hike will be offered every Sunday in July. You must pre-register for the tour by calling 219-395-1882.
Summer Outdoor Movies: 7:30PM Tuesdays in June at Central Park Plaza. Watch your favorite movies under the beautiful night sky. Bring lawn chairs or a blanket
Summer Rhapsody Music Festival: Thursday nights until August 31 at The Porter Health Amphitheatre in Central Park Plaza. For all of the music lovers out there, come out and enjoy the sounds of the season with the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival. This concert showcase features many artists – each with their own unique style and sound. Select Thursday nights in the summer, concertgoers of all ages will enjoy a feast of different sounds underneath the beautiful night sky at The Porter Health Amphitheater in Central Park Plaza. Whether it’s a rock n’ roll band of yesteryear, an easy-going Motown group, or the elegant sounds that only a symphony orchestra can create, there’s something for everybody at this music festival. Bring your picnic, your blanket or chairs, and of course, your music-loving family and friends, and come relax in the park with the sounds of the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival.
Valparaiso Market: Every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the summer from 11AM-1PM. Fresh produce, handmade crafts, flowers, and live entertainment.
Taltree Railway Garden: Open from April 1st through October 31st. Featuring dwarf plants and model steam engine trains, the exhibit showcases the impact steam engine trains had on early 19th century U.S. railroads
North East Indiana
You Had Me at Merlot Walking Wine Barrel Art Tour: All summer in Downtown Auburn. Walk the beautiful tree lined streets of Historic Downtown Auburn and enjoy 20 Wooden Wine Barrels transformed into unique works of art by local and regional artists. This outdoor walking tour exhibit is juried with awards and art auction held each year at the end of summer. This annual exhibit has included many different art objects over the past eight years, from giant paintings on easels to garden benches. This year's exhibit celebrates the many wineries of this area with its wooden wine barrels. Walking Tour maps are available at no cost in most downtown businesses
Rock the Plaza: Free concert series put on by the Allen County Public Library each Saturday evening throughout the summer
Essenhaus Classic Car Cruise-In: Every Thursday throughout summer at Grounds of Das Dutchman Essenhaus. A weekly classic car cruise-in with no participation or entry fee. Participants will also enjoy door prize giveaways, coupons for shopping and dining as well as 50’s-style music. Most evenings, hand dipped ice cream and live entertainment will be provided.
Midwest's Largest Flea Market: 8AM-5PM every Tuesday and Wednesday until October. Same venue as the Shipshewana Auction
Shipshewana Trading Place Auction: 9AM every Wednesday all year. This auction features up to 10 auctioneers selling a variety of antiques and misc. items beginning with the auction bell at 9 am. Visitors tell us there is no other experience quite like it. With a variety of food choices on site, including our Auction Restaurant, featuring Amish home-style cooking and the best pie in town, you can easily spend the entire day shopping, relaxing and enjoying the sights & sounds without having to leave our grounds.
Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show: 6:30-7:30PM every Sunday and Tuesday at Hidden Lake. The shows are a themed production including music and costumes with an announcer to guide you through the action. You will see Extreme jump acts, An all girl Ballet line, Barefoot water skiing, Swivel skiing, doubles routines and human pyramids just to name a few. The show last about 1 hour followed by a meet and greet with the skiers. The Lake City Skiers have been providing fun family entertainment since 1989 and are Indiana's only competitive show ski team holding 4 National Championships in 2006, 2007, 2014, and 2016.
Central Indiana
Fayette County Farmers' Market: Saturdays 9AM-12PM until October 7th. Local vendors from Fayette and surrounding counties offer farm fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, baked goods, herbs, plant stock and seeds, high quality crafts including paintings, pottery, sculptures, alpaca fiber items, goat milk soaps, jewelry, photography and so much more. Local artists, performers, and musicians highlighted as regularly scheduled entertainment. Now accepting SNAP/EBT, SenioWIC Farmers' Market Vouchers, several vendors accept debit/credit cards.
Kroger Symphony on the Prairie: Every weekend at Conner Prairie. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's summer series provides music from classical, pop, and rock genres from mid-June through Labor Day weekend.
Saxony Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays at Saxony Market. SAXONY MARKET is proud to provide a home for some of Central Indiana’s finest local vendors selling these fine products: fresh produce, Indiana sweet corn, homemade baked goods, floral and gardening supplies, savory herbs, crafted jewelry, authentic home cooked cuisine, sweet treats, handmade bath products and much more!
Animals and All that Jazz Concert Series: 530-830PM Thursdays in July at the Indianapolis Zoo. This Thursday night tradition returns for the 30th year in a big way! Animals & All That Jazz will be moving under the all-new Bicentennial Pavilion to offer more space to eat, drink, sit back or dance. This summer concert series features sensational music from all genres of jazz. Come play early at the Zoo and stay late for a night of jazz with music beginning at 5:30pm! Walk the Zoo while listening to the music or stay in closer near the stage. Best of all, experience the ambience of the Zoo after hours along with: Music: Performed live from 5:30-8:30pm, Food: Great specialty food stations feature a new menu for purchase each night, Beverages: A full bar, featuring beer sampling for those 21 years and older, Animals: On exhibit until 7pm, Rides: Available until 7pm. Zoo Members: Ride tickets are only $1 per ride from 5-7pm​. Tables are open on a first-come, first-serve basis. Concerts are free for Zoo members and included with regular admission. Make the most of your day by coming out early and staying late. Enjoy a full day at the Zoo, save time and save money by purchasing tickets in advance online​ or at Indiana Members Credit Union locations.
Groovin' In The Garden: 2-5PM every Saturday until September 30th at the Easley Winery. We offer daily wine specials, cool tunes from the best musical acts of the greater Indianapolis area, and an experience you won't soon forget. Feel free to bring along your favorite foods or order from local restaurants to have delivered here to the winery, and don't forget to bring a chair!
National Aeromodeling Championships: July 1-31 at the Academy of Model Aeronautics. The National Aeromodeling Championships are back and bigger than ever! Thousands of pilots from across the national will meet in Muncie, IN for the nation’s largest model competitions. Come see what the talk is all about and see a competition for yourself! Visit for a full schedule of the events. And while you’re here stop in our world-class National Model Aviation Museum. All the fun happens at the International Aeromodeling Center, right off the Muncie bi-pass on East Memorial Drive.
Southern Indiana
Bloomington Community Farmers' Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays at Showers Common.
Love's Labour's Lost: 730-10PM every other day in July starting on the 7th at Wells-Metz Theatre. IU Summer theatre presents William Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost! In one of Shakespeare's earliest comedies, the King of Nevarre and his three male friends have pledged to swear off the company of women for three years and focus on a life of study. But when the Princess of France and her ladies show up on the scene, the men and their intentions of living a life of abstinence are tested. Tickets are available at the Indiana University Auditorium box office or at
Persuasion: 730-10PM every other day in July starting on the 8th at the Wells-Metz Theatre. IU Summer Theatre presents Persuasion! In this adaptation of Jane Austen's romantic novel, Anne and her former fiancé, Captain Wentworth, are thrust back into each other's lives after seven years apart. As the plot thickens, Anne and Captain Wentworth must wrestle with their true feelings and decide whether or not they were wrong all those years ago. Tickets are available at the Indiana University Auditorium box office or at
Elephant Retreat and Giraffe Encounter at Wilstem Ranch: All summer long. An African elephant herd of three girls will be retreating at Wilstem Ranch, only 7 miles from French Lick. The three elephants that retreat at Wilstem Ranch each year are retired from making appearances in parades, circus acts and more. But as they age, even elephants need retreats, and they're coming to town for a vacation! This one of a kind up-close encounter is a rare and wonderful opportunity to learn more about these amazing creatures and connect with them in a tranquil environment
Newburgh Farmers Market: Saturdays 8AM-12PM through September 30th. At the Newburgh Farmer’s Market you will find the very best seasonal produce complemented by products like honey, grass fed meats, dairy products, flowers, cheese, breads, and pastries. There are also crafts, art, plants, flowers, & honey along with live music to complete the festival atmosphere. Free. Special event weekends include: Kids Day and Dog Days of Summer.
Orange County HomeGrown Orleans Farmer's Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays through October 28th at Orleans Congress Square. Locally grown produce, baked goods, local handcrafted items, Buck-a-Book trailer, jammer tent, Master Gardener, and fun family activities. Sponsored by Orange County HomeGrown
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