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The JonBenet Ramsey Case: Emerging Child Sex-Ring Allegations, Political Connections and a Suspect By Alex Constantine 2000

Introduction: The Belinda Schultz File
  1. Southwestern Child-Pornocrats
A) The Huey Meaux Connection
B) Jerry J. Moore, Houston Real Estate Developer.
C) The Prime of Ms Tweet Kimball
2) Supporting Evidence of Child Sex Ring Involvement
A) A Brotherhood
B) The Belgium Syndrome
C) Lawrence Schiller & the Designated Patsy (Ramsey)
Introduction: The Belinda Schultz file
On March 22, I received a call from Joe Calhoun, a reporter from the Denver area and a recipient of an Academy Award in 1990 for his investigative work on The Panama Deception. For the record, we had talked once before, also by telephone, about the JonBenet Ramsey case, exchanged observations, and thatwas the extent of my past relationship with him. At the time, I had an uncomfortable feeling that Boulder police spokesmen, the cable martinets and investigative “experts” on the case were misrepresenting the facts. Calhoun was in town, Los Angeles, and wanted to discuss the murder in detail.
Shortly thereafter, Calhoun, with the bearded, wide-eyed demeanor of an academic on the brink of a discovery, dropped a folder on my desk. For this record, he read a prepared statement:: “I am a freelance journalist who has been covering the JonBenet Ramsey case since its beginnings. There are only a few news conferences in Boulder that I have not attended. At the last news conference, on October 13, 1999, the day after the announcement by Alex Hunter that there would be no charges filed in the Ramsey case following the adjournment of the Grand Jury, myself and a few individuals were given a file.”
I was, at this stage, stepping more or less blindly into a quagmire of details after three years of following the public debacle casually on the cable talk shows. Whatever Calhoun had, I was not in the mood for conspiratorial moonshine, but he had been down this road himself the file, containing 23 pages of interviews with a victim of organized child abuse in Colorado and Texas, “was of such a bizarre nature, I was extremely circumspect about regarding it as a collection of genuine documents andconfidential memos. I jokingly referred to it to some of my colleagues as The Blair Witch Project of the JonBenet Ramsey case. I didn’t pursue any of the leads mentioned in the file until recently.
Three weeks ago,” Calhoun recalled, “a 37-year-old woman from San Luis Obispo, California came forward with information to Boulder Attorney Lee Hill. She alleged that she came from a family of inter-generational child abuse victims, and had been abused since the age of three by a powerful group of pedophiles, some of whom were associates of the Ramsey family. I dug up the file I had originally obtained in October and decided to give it a second look, since the information contained therein seemed to parallel the information the woman was providing Boulder D.A. Alex Hunter and the police. Upon rereading all of the information contained in it, and cross-referencing names, the entire file had more of a flow of information.”
Calhoun came to entertain the notion that the sex-ring allegations surfacing sporadically on the edge of the case might have some merit. “On March 21, I contacted the Pearline, Texas Police Department for verification of the Paul Schultz [child sexual abuse] case mentioned in the file. I was immediately transferred to Detective Bill Colson,. He was unaware of the recent developments in Boulder concerning the 37-year-old woman from San Luis Obispo, California. However, Detective Colson confirmed the following: The case number ‘951302,’ on pages 7 and 14, is genuine, and the woman, Belinda Schultz, currently living in Cypress, Texas, in a notarized statement contained in the file, at the time would [have been] more likely to give information concerning the Ramsey case. And a Boulder detective was in Texas in December, 1997, seeking information regarding Paul Schultz [her estranged husband] and his involvement, if any, in the JonBenet Ramsey case.”
Calhoun placed the next call to a private investigator, Char Blaiser, wife of O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Blaiser, at her office in Sacramento, California. Ms Blasier, whose office had been contracted by Boulder police to obtain social security numbers of everyone close to the Ramsey case, reportedly states that the night after the JonBenet murder, a caller claiming to be a member of the Ramsey family told her, “I want to talk to you about Paul,” but disconnected when put on hold. Blasier, Calhoun recalls, “was extremely surprised that I had information in my possession concerning Paul Schultz, and essentially confirmed the information regarding the JonBenet Ramsey case.”
“It is clear,” Calhoun says, “from the statements of both Detective Colson and Char Blazer that the Boulder authorities were very interested in a connection between the death of Jonbenet Ramsey and what appears astonishingly to be organized pedophilia on a national level, perhaps with a criminal government license.”
Child sex and pornography rings with political ties have been known to exist. In 1995, for example, Linda Rozar, president of Concerned Citizens for Florida and chapter head of the American Family Association, a branch of presidential candidate Gary Bauer’s ultra-conservative Federation, pledguilty to one count of child abuse and two counts of tampering with a witness. She received a remarkably light sentence, one year of probation, and was ordered to see a psychiatrist. In 1986, Linda’s husband Jerry Rozar was convicted of child molestation. So there were precedents. And since the murder, the 1999 Parent of the Year Award, an honor conceived by Congress, was bestowed on a Longmont, Colorado man with connections to a cult that prostitutes young girls, so-called “hookers for Jesus,” and has been charged repeatedly with child sexual abuse. The annual honor was chosen by the National Parents Day Foundation, an organization that has ties to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church, a creation of the Korean CIA and alsovery right-wing.
It happens. Nevertheless, a healthy dose of skepticism was called for. Calhoun’s conclusion about the background of the JonBenet case was based, again, on a file of police interviews passed to him at a Boulder press conference. Fortunately, its origin is no longer a mystery. Calhoun has, since obtaining the file, found out that the documents were supplied by a researcher at the University of Denver. The University, says Calhoun, threatened to fire the tenured faculty member if he continued with his investigation of the Ramsey case, and the file was passed along to reporters in Boulder.
If the statements of Belinda Schultz and other abuse survivors are correct, Boulder has a serious problem. With Calhoun’s file of leaked affidavits, all that remained was to flesh out a Who’s Who register of predators tied to the alleged killer of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.
  1. Southwestern Child-Pornocrats
Belinda Schultz, 43, was born to the Zander family, an established, aristocratic family in Louisiana, and grew up in Lafayette, near New Orleans. Her first marriage was to Lanny Slaydon, an oil industry marketer. She had four children before the marriage dissolved in the early 1980s. She moved on to Houston to live with family members, and met Paul Schultz. She describes her ex-husband as a “white supremacist” of the “Christian Identity” strain, and a “mafia hit-man” currently serving time for felony child molestation, sentenced in Brazoria County, Texas, the county seat of Angleton. Prior to their divorce, Paul and Belinda ran Custom Air Products on Hampstead Road in northwest Houston, a business formerly run by Paul’s father, Carlton Schultz. She notes that the business had “Mafia” connections. The company largely served the petroleum industry along the Gulf Coast, but everyday management of the business fell to Belinda because her husband was often incapacitated by a weakness for cocaine and alcohol.
They had a child, Nicholas, in 1990. In an affidavit filed with the Pearland, Texas PD, Nicholas recalls that his father used to receive “sugar” and “lots of money: when he pimped his son out to pedophiles frequenting the adult bookstores on Houston’s south side.
Belinda’s second marriage crumbled when she began to suspect that he was bisexual and had a gay lover, Tenourio Luga, sometimes “Lucas,” a reputed explosives expert and informant to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who has provided his services to the Mexican Mafia and CIA. Luga is a suspected drug runner. He has been investigated in the past by the BATF for the stockpiling of firearms and explosives.
A) The Huey Meaux Connection
  1. Paul Schultz, according to his ex-wife, was also a coeval of Huey Meaux, the famed record producer and a convicted child molester. On January 30, 1996, the Associated Press reported: “Huey Meaux, 66, was arrested and appeared in court Monday on charges of possession of child pornography and cocaine. He was released after posting bonds totaling $110,000. After police went public with the allegations Monday, two people came forward to say they were assaulted. Meaux then was charged additionally with two counts of sexually assaulting children. Police investigators seized hundreds of videotapes and more than 1,000 photographs last week from offices rented by Meaux at Houston’s Sugar Hill Recording Studio. Meaux formerly owned the studio.”
  2. Huey was charged with possession of drugs and child pornography and two counts of sexual assault on a child. Two weeks after the arrest, Shannon McDowell Brasher, 25, filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Meaux, alleging that he had plied her with illegal drugs as a prelude to sexual assault, “exploitation and other perverted and unnatural sex acts.” He also persuaded accomplices to assault her and videotaped the acts, according to Ms Brasher. State District Judge Mark Davidson issued a temporary restraining order sought by Brasher’s attorneys, Dick DeGuerin and Wayne Isgitt. The order prohibited the record producer or others from destroying evidence or retaliating against Brasher.
  3. Belinda Schultz’s contention that Meaux participated in a child sex ring is substantiated by Brasher and court transcripts. Belinda’s son Nicholas, age six at the time of Meaux’s arrest, identified the accused in a televised news report. Belinda called Bill Colson, a detective with the Pearland Police Department. Colson did not investigate the sex-ring allegation, though he told her that he would contact Houston police to search for a photo of Nicholas among Meaux’s child pornography collection. Frustrated with Colson’s false promises, she contacted Detective A.D. Wright, the officer in charge of the Meaux case. Wright confirmed a connection between Meaux and Paul Schultz. In addition, according to Calhoun’s file, Officer P.C. Taylor of the CID section produced telephone records indicating that Schultz and Meaux had made “numerous” calls to one another. Houston police offered that they had a “thick file” on Schultz, linking him to several known pedophiles in Houston.
B) Jerry J. Moore, Houston Real Estate Developer
One of Paul Schultz’s confederates in the sex ring, according to Nicholas Schultz, was a wealthy Republican, one Jerry J. Moore. Nicholas says that he once accompanied Moore by plane to Colorado.
In January 1996, the federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) announced that it sought a $250,000 civil penalty against Charles R. Vickery, former senior chairman of the First National Bank of Bellaire, Texas. The OCC charged that in 1991, Vickery directed the bank to make illicit loans to Houston real estate magnate Jerry J. Moore and corporations owned and controlled by him. Vickery also granted some $50,000 of title insurance premiums paid by Moore on the loans for his personal use. The loans violated federal lending limit law and triggered alarms at the OCC . The S&L was issued a cease and desist order.
  1. Jerry J. Moore is now one of the wealthiest men in Texas. His real estate company was recently bought out for $400 million. He is also active in Republican state politics. Nicholas Schultz maintains that he was taken to Moore’s antebellum mansion, Nicholstone, not far from Dickerson, Texas, and describes the home as a distribution point for child pornography. Huey Meauxwas a regular at Moore’s mansion, according to the boy’s statements.
Moore’s social connections to the Mafia are consistent with the “hit man” allegation raised by Belinda Schultz. Moore’s social circle included: Leonard Capaldi, convicted by the district court in the southern district of Texas on charges of bank fraud and bribery, stemming from his involvement in the April 4, 1986 collapse of Mainland Savings Bank. This S&L lost $300 million. Capaldi was sentenced to the Federal Correctional Institute in Milan, Michigan.
  1. Leading lights of the Mainland Savings scandal: arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, James Bath (a business associate of George W. Bush, recruited to the CIA by George, Sr,), Martin Schimmer (for walking off with Teamster steelworker pension funds), Herman K. Beebe, a known Mafioso. Another gangland chum of Jerry J. Moore is Jack Tocco, a Detroit crime boss. Political ties have included late Texas Governor John Connally and Lloyd Bentson, former Secretary of the Treasury.
  2. The Prime of Ms Tweet Kimball
Another connection to Paul Schultz was the late Mildred “Tweet” Kimball. Tweet lived in a castle on US 85, just south of Denver in a small town called Sedalia. Nicholas Schultz states that he was taken to the castle and molested there by adults.
The castle was deeded to Kimball by Merritt Ruddock, a member of the U.S. diplomatic corps, an obscure CIA official and her first of four divorced husbands. Tweet Kimball divorced Ruddock in 1955, and as she explained to a local reporter in 1996: “When I divorced him, he said I’d probably go back to Tennessee and talk about him. He said “If you’ll buy property west of the Mississippi, I’ll help you.”
7, And that’s what I did. She bought a 24-room castle on a 4,000 acre estate, built on a promontory with a view of the Rockies. Ruddock had good reason to buy her silence. He was the immediate deputy of the CIA’s Frank Wisner, the notorious overseer of Nazi recruitment by the agency immediately after WW II. Ruddock was hired by Wisner in 1949.
Ray Cline, another notorious Agency stinkbug (the organizer of a support network for George Bush, Sr.’s 1980 campaign. composed almost entirely of former intelligence officers headed by Steven Halper, Cline’s son-in-law), kept close to Ruddock throughout the war. Cline recalls Ruddock as a hard drinker and “a personal manipulator of ideas and people.”
  1. (The Colorado Department of Tourism doesn’t advertise the fact, but the state has a thriving intelligence establishment. Loring Wirbel, an environmental researcher in Monument, Colorado, found that worldwide “intelligence expansion by U.S. agencies has a very real impact on Colorado.
Buckley [Air Force Base] is now the major employer in the Denver metro area, with the classified Aerospace Data Facility section of the base responsible for far more jobs than the public Tactical Air Command portion of the base. The Denver Business Journal estimated in April that classified intelligence spending by NSA and NRO in Colorado may exceed $3 billion annually. Support facilities for Buckley include Falcon Air Force Base east of Colorado Springs, which performs intelligence fusion missions; Lockheed-Martin’s Waterton Canyon plant in southwest Denver, which builds spy satellites and Titan-4 rockets; Peterson Air Force Base, the headquarters of the Space Command; and the aging North American Aerospace Defense Command inside Cheyenne Mountain west of Colorado Springs.
Another Air National Guard base outside Greeley, Colorado, is receiving many mobile satellite reconnaissance troops formerly housed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, part of a mission to make the Colorado Front Range a center of excellence for technical intelligence.”
  1. Merritt Ruddock was not the only member of the family with CIA and Nazi ties. Ms Kimball’s father, according to a note found in the Belinda Schultz file, “Colonel Kimball of Chattanooga, Tennessee, had been a prime mover in the grown of the Post-WWI Ku Klux Klan.” (The repetitious links to Nazism in the testimony of Nicholas Schultz, a 7-year-old boy, recalls his mother’s statement that Paul Schultz is a “white supremacist,” and is obviously among friends.)
She bonded with her castle and its environs, re-christened Cherokee Ranch, and lived like a European monarch. A tour guide told an AP reporter, “the house has a number of Portuguese tile murals and many examples of parquetry (an artistic inlaid wood design done on furniture). As she describes the lavish contents of several china cabinets, words like Dresden, Spode, Meissen and Waterford slip into the conversations. That bed was built for Charles II, and he actually slept in it. This inlaid cabinet came from the court of Spain, and the pictures represent Aesop’s fables. The libraries are full of first editions, some quite old and valuable. Well, with names like Dickens and Thackeray on the bindings, one would think so.”
  1. Tweet Kimball died in 1999. She had been an active Republican. Kimball served on the Douglas County Planning Commission and the commissioners’ Water Advisory Board, as well as the board of the Douglas County Educational Foundation. She also spent 14 years on the board of the Denver Art Museum as accessions chairman. She was the local matriarch of local Republican party politics and frequently played hostess to the Douglas County Republican caucus.
  2. “Kimball’s castle and ranchland provided an extravagant vehicle for her varied pursuits,” the local County News-Press noted in her obituary last January, “wildlife conservation, a vast, eclectic art collection, politics, innovative ranching, royal relationships and storied social events.”12
2) Supporting Evidence of Child Sex Ring Involvement
As Calhoun mentioned, in March of this year, Boulder detectives flew to San Luis Obispo, California, to interview Mary Bienkowski, a licensed family therapist. Bienkowski claimed to have information pertaining to the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation. The woman said that her mother’s godfather is Fleet White, a friend of John Ramsey. The therapist had urged police in Boulder to interview her client:
Regarding Bienkowski:
A private therapist said Friday she stands behind her client who claims to have crucial information that could help investigators in the death of JonBenet Ramsey. Mary Bienkowski, a licensed marriage, family and child counselor, said her client gave Boulder police specific names of individuals who are witnesses in the killing of JonBenet as well as ongoing sexual and physical abuse of other children.
“If they do their job and investigate what needs to be investigated, the rest of the pieces will fall into place, and nobody is going to like what they find out,” she said. “This person wouldn’t be coming forward and risking everything if it were not because she wanted the abuse to stop and wanted to protect other children.”
Bienkowski said she has treated her client for the past 10 years for trauma endured as a repeated victim of sexual assault. Because her client had information that a widespread sex ring could have been behind the Dec. 26, 1996, strangulation and beating death of 6-year-old JonBenet, she encouraged the woman to take the information to authorities.
JonBenet was found in the basement of her family’s Boulder home. Her parents, John and Patsy, are the focus of a police investigation, although the couple have denied involvement in their daughter’s death.
After 13 months of investigating the case, a Boulder grand jury disbanded in October without charges being filed. During an interview Friday with the Daily Camera at a downtown San Luis Obispo coffee shop, Bienkowski blasted the Boulder Police Department for not actively investigating the list of people she said her client believes may have knowledge of who killed JonBenet.
She would not divulge the names of those thought to be involved, saying that information should first be given to law enforcement officials. The Whites have not returned phone calls from the Daily Camera. John Ramsey’s attorney has declined to comment on the new information.
Boulder police questioned Bienkowski’s client in Colorado for five hours. The FBI interviewed her as well. Detectives also contacted her family and interviewed some of them in California. And then the whole matter was dropped. Bienkowski lost faith in the police and refused to cooperate any further.
13. Who left warnings on her answering machine? The Daily Times-Call in Longmont, Colorado reported in March that a reliable witness “identified the voices as [those] of two women [among others] accused of victimizing thenow-37-year-old [informant]. The woman remains in hiding.”
The anonymous callers told Bienkowski:
1. “Hello Mary. This is a very interested party in regards to [your client’s] welfare. [Her] past and her future are of no, of no concern to you. She made an error in judgment when she came to see you and you have caused her nothing but pain and suffering. Her main concern now is her new husband and her family. She has started a life and is going to be moving as far away from you as possible. She belongs with her family and nobody else. She is off limits to you.”
2. [Caller Two]: “Hello. Leave [your client] alone. We take care of our own. Everything. And nothing is any of your business.”
3. [Caller Two] “Hello. It’s high time that you caught on that [the informant] doesn’t have time for your foolishness. Thank you.”
4. [Caller Two] “[She] is going on an extended vacation with her family and while there will seek medical care for her problems. [The woman] has forgotten more than you will ever know.”
  1. [Caller Two] “Hello. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us. So leave [her] alone. It’s against the law to disturb the peace. Don’t forget it.”
14. The statement of the informant that JonBenet was killed in a sadistic sex game was upheld independently by forensic specialist Dr. Cyril Wecht, who studied the autopsy file and concluded that JonBenet’s abuse occurred over a period of time.
Wecht: “This evidence of abuse, tied literally and figuratively to the cords around her neck and wrist, was enough to draw the conclusion that a sick sex game had gone awry.” But the medical evidence “so far suggested that the vaginal penetration had been a carefully controlled, limited situation not a savage sexual assaults. While the attacker was applying the perverted useof the garrote that pinched the vagus nerve in her neck and eventually shut down her heart and lungs, the young prey had suddenly turned lifeless without explanation, perhaps literally in her abuser’s arms. Wasn’t it likely that the shocked and panicking molester had shaken JonBenet in a futile attempt to return her to consciousness? A few anxiety-driven shakesand a ‘wake up! Wake up!’ had failed to restore her to life, but had inflicted the bruises to the temporal lobes of the brain.”
15. A panel of pediatric experts assembled from all parts of the country states unanimously that JonBenet had injuries “consistent with prior trauma and sexual abuse.” The medical affidavits referred to “past violation of the vagina,” “chronic abuse,” “evidence of both acute injury and chronic sexual abuse.”
  1. Author Stephen Singular, a Boulder native, believed so strongly that organized pedophilia and child porn lurked behind the murder of the child that he published a book exploring the sex ring angle, Presumed Guilty. According to Singular’s publisher, “some highlights of the book suggest that one or both of the Ramsey parents unknowingly exposed their daughter to danger that fateful Christmas night,” and reminds, significantly, “human DNA found on her clothing matched nothing found in the Ramsey home”
  2. Evan Ravitz and Bob MacFarland, Boulder political activists who shared Singular’s perspective on the case, gave eight of the grand jurors hearing testimony regarding the death of JonBenet Ramsey excerpts of Singular’s book, theorizing that that the girl may have been killed by someone involved in a child pornography ring. Ravitz and MacFarland were cited with contempt of court. Ravitz, wearing a crumpled purple T-shirt, explained to District Judge Roxanne Bailin that the leakers planned on petitioning the D.A.’s office to allow them to testify before the grand jury, and present evidence of corruption in the city, including drug dealing and child pornography possibly “related to the slaying and handling of the Ramsey case.”
Child porn is “an important line of investigation that we hear Hunter has stayed away from,” Ravitz told Judge Bailin.18 But homicide detectives considered this angle a “side theory,” yet have acknowledge that the killer “may have been involved in a child pornography ring that operated in or around Boulder and had earmarked JonBenet as a likely subject.” The connection to child pornography with child sex murders is by no means original.
In 1997, Jeremy Strohmeyer:
18. Stalked a seven-year-old girl in a Las Vegas casino before murdering her in a restroom. Strohmeyer was an admitted collector of child pornography. “If the pornography connection is true,” the Internet Crime Library observes, “then the murder may have been committed by more than one person as part of a conspiracy.”
  1. The market in Colorado for child prostitution and pornography is a relatively large silent minority. In 1995, the Colorado Department of Human Services filed 5,085 cases of sexual abuse of the 7,931 referred to the agency. Of these,1,160 victims were abused in the state. But the department may investigate a tiny fraction of the actual cases. One-half of one percent of children report sexual abuse, according to Dr. Richard D. Krugman, dean of the University of Colorado Medical School and director of the C. Henry Kemp Center for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.
20. a) A Brotherhood In 1997, the Boulder PD contacted Dale Yeager and Denise Knoke at Seraph, Inc. in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, a security consulting firm summarized in sales brochures as “an international company [with] extensive sources throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. Our associates are investigative professionals and former intelligence officers”, and asked them to submit an analysis of the ransom note. Yeager and Knoke claimed without hesitation that Patsy Ramsey was the author, joining the chorus of police and tabloid reporters who kept at the parents, and reported that Psalm 118:27.
b) interpreted as the source of the $118,000 ransom demand, “Decorate the festival with leafy boughs and bind the sacrifices to be offered with thick cords to the horns of the altar” is commonly cited by “white supremacists,” who “use the redemption and sacrifice ideas to form a justification for killings.” Despite the neo-nazi nuance, Yeager and Knoke were positively certain that JonBenet’s mother forged the kidnap letter. “Our conclusion,” Yeager offered, “is that you are investigating a child’s murder with ritualistic overtones. Strangulation and sexual assault are most commonly seen in sadomasochism between heterosexual and homosexual adults”.
21. On February 27, 2000, Yeager explained to a CBS 2 News reporter, “What we believe was happening in Patsy’s mind was that her daughter was losing control, becoming a wild rebel. She felt (her daughter) was becoming evil.”
22. Patsy Ramsey did not exactly fit the white supremacist profile, and she certainly wasn’t known to participate in “ritual murder.” Paul Schultz, not incidentally, rings the bell on both counts. He is a member, according to the interviewers of Belinda Schultz, of a “heterodox Christian” cult with Nazi leanings that found its way into the intelligence establishment via the German presence at Tweet Kimball’s castle in Sedalia.
The occult Brotherhood of the White Temple, as this sect was known, survives and has reportedly evolved into an underground terrorist cell. The same “faction” that warned Mary Bienkowski to back off? Police investigating the Ramsey case also received warnings. Blood was splashed on Detective Linda Arndt’s front door. The mutilated carcass of a cat was left on Steve Thomas’s front lawn (if his statements have any credibility, given the flagrant distortions in his book on the case, clearly contrived to widen the umbrella of suspicion that has hung over the parents since the smears began). Sergeant Bob Wilson was at home when four high-powered rounds were fired through his bedroom window and nearly hit him. After these events, “there was no follow-up by the police department” Steve Thomas complains, “which apparently regarded bullets, blood and dead cats as minor”
23. Belinda Schultz has tied her ex-husband to a cultic, “white-supremacist” terrorist underground with domestic intelligence connections and the murder of JonBenet Ramsey but despite his resemblance to the killer’s profile, Paul Schultz has not been asked for a sample of his hand-writing.
b) The Belgium Syndrome The behavior of law enforcement officials and the media has been odd since the 911 call. John Ramsey was the CEO of a key military-industrial subsidiary, Lockheed, and his daughter had been murdered by a group that claimed to “represent a small foreign faction” (Brotherhood of the White Temple?) Ordinarily, the “Lindbergh Law” requires a “rebuttable presumption” in a high-profile kidnap, particularly one pulled off by terrorists fronting for a “foreign faction,” a widely overlooked point raised by journalist Donald Freed, author of Killing Time, a forensic study of the O.J. Simpson case.
Notification of the FBI in a murder case involving terrorists is mandatory, and officers in Boulder did contact Washington. But the Bureau did not respond.
  1. Freed reports that someone in a lofty position assured the FBI and Lockheed Martin Security “prior to the 911 call that any report coming from Boulder “would not affect ‘national security,'” and directed to “let the police handle it.”
25. Freed coined the phrase “Belgium Syndrome” after the recent refusal of Belgian officials and the justice system to respond to a series of child murders, “not because they were involved in the murders, but because they were involved in their own way in pornography, child sexuality and related elements, some of which are not even illegal but all of which would be death sentences for their careers.”
Fleet White, in his letter “to the people of Colorado,” maintained: “It is our firm belief that the District Attorney and others intend to use the Grand Jury and its secrecy in an attempt to protect their careers and also serve the conflicting interests of powerful, influential and threatening people who have something to hide or protect.”
26. “Conflicting interest” may explain the inertia of detectives in Boulder when the photo of the young beauty contestant turned up in the home of a child pornographer in Columbus, Ohio suspected of involvement in the abduction of another Colorado girl. James Partin, 35, was arrested in December, 1997 for selling child pornography on the Net. Police searched Partin’s home and found a newspaper clipping about the 1983 kidnap of Beth Miller,14, and a map of Idaho Springs marked with several X’s.
The girl vanished after a jog near her Idaho Springs home, and Partin lived in the area at the same time. Boulder police announced that they would contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to learn more about the Ramsey photo in Partin’s collection, but a local newspaper reported that they “do not believe that Partin had any involvement” in the slaying. “It’s not a high priority,” police spokeswoman Leslie Aaholm assured reporters.
  1. Did the DA’s reluctance to question Partin about the JonBenet picture suggest an unwillingness to solve the case? Pornographic photos of JonBenet were posted on the Internet.28 In his August 6, 1998 resignation letter, Boulder Detective Steve Thomas openly accused then police chief Tom Koby and other officials of sabotaging the case: “During the investigation detectives would discover, collect, and bring evidence to the district attorney’s office, only to have it summarily dismissed or rationalized as insignificant.
The most elementary of investigative efforts, such as obtaining telephone and credit card records, were met without support, search warrants denied. The significant opinions of national experts were casually dismissed or ignored by the district attorney’s office, even the experienced FBI were waved aside.” Thomas was ordered not to question certain witnesses, “and all but dissuaded from pursuing particular investigative efforts. Polygraphs were acceptable for some subjects, but others seemed immune from such requests. Innocent people were not “cleared”, publicly or otherwise, even when it was unmistakably the right thing to do, as reputations and lives were destroyed. Some in the district attorney’s office, to this day, pursue weak, defenseless, and innocent people in shameless tactics that one couldn’t believe more bizarre if it were made up.”
c) Lawrence Schiller & the Designated Patsy (Ramsey) Denver reporter Joe Calhoun takes aim at Lawrence Schiller, the made-for-TV “expert” who denounces all sex-ring allegations in shrill terms. “Schiller, along with talk show hosts and the more ‘responsible press,’ appear to be preparing the public for an indictment of Patsy Ramsey for the murder of her child,” Calhoun says. The patsy would be Patsy. ”
According to a source in Boulder, the script reads that the much physically and mentally traumatized Patsy Ramsey went to her daughter’s room that night and found that she had wet the bed and in a fit of exasperation and rage struck the child and accidentally killed her and then was assisted by her husband to try to cover up the crime. ” The bed-wetting scenario, repeated in best-selling books on the case and many a talk show, is insupportable upon a moment’s reflection: it entails a belief, Calhoun points out, that Patsy Ramsey “stuck her child in the head, killing her, and then tied a garrote around her neck and sexually violated her daughter’s corpse to cover up the crime.”
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Jokes TIFU by mishearing my customer' order and making her a Subway sandwich with tuna, which I later learned she was allergic to. Subway
pics How Italians like Facebook posts Facebook
Showerthoughts Despite using Google every day for the past ten years, I still wouldnt be able to tell you the order of the colours in the logo. Google
pics Fashion model Tyra Banks poses during the 8th annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on November 14, 2002 in New York City. Photo by Ezio Petersen/UPI Victoria's Secret
AskReddit If Harrison Ford was never born, who would have played any of his roles with equal success? Ford
gaming Our Xbox live group met for the weekend. We're sharing images and stories about our gaming days. My friends wife took this picture of him. Xbox
Showerthoughts Nest Protect smoke detector + Alexa or Google Assistant. Wish I could buy one, hint hint Google Google
news Brazil meat-packing giants 'exported rotten beef' - BBC News BBC
videos Pirates of Silicon Valley IBM scene IBM
mildlyinteresting This McDonald's doesn't say McDonald's anywhere. McDonald's
sports Are the "Turn down for what" commercials the worst thing ESPN has ever done? ESPN
videos Jan Oblak Amazing Triple Save vs Bayer Leverkusen Bayer
gaming My buddies wife took this picture of him. Our Xbox Live group turn it into a meme. Xbox
gaming How crazy I am to think that the Xbox Project Scorpio might be a completely new console than Xbox One but have backward compatibility with all the previous console. Xbox
funny My coworker who drives a lowered Honda Civic got a sticker that said "Be Scrapin". I changed that after work. Honda
videos Ghost In The Shell 2017 - Section 9 Featurette Shell
Jokes How did Burger King get Dairy Queen pregnant? Burger King
videos Moment BBC crew caught in Mount Etna eruption BBC
funny When my wife shows me something on Facebook that I saw on Reddit two weeks ago... Facebook
videos Virtual Black Jack Dealer at the Hard Rock Hotel + Casino in Tampa, Florida Casino
AskReddit Why are Google and other companies honoring St. Patrick's Day when it's a religious holiday not everyone celebrates? Google
funny Another BBC interview interrupted BBC
videos CoMPleTe and how all the minitials, are in the 0:00-:45 secs Youtube link Youtube
videos Andy Milonakis Gets His ID Turned Down By CVS For Buying Nicorette Gum CVS
pics Seen in a Taco Bell bathroom Bell
pics The CN Tower in Toronto celebrating St. Paddy's Day xpost evilbuildings CN
mildlyinteresting This model Porsche Cayenne Turbo weighs exactly .666 lbs. Pure evil or pure driving excitement? Porsche
funny I swear, honey. I just went to Target for paper towels. Target
mildlyinteresting My sauce packet from Taco Bell didnt have a saying printed on it. Bell
todayilearned TIL President Lyndon Johnson once answered reporters badgering him about the United States involvement Vietnam by pulling out his penis and saying "This is why!" United
todayilearned TIL President Lyndon Johnson once answered reporters badgering him about the United States involvement in Vietnam by pulling out his penis and saying "This is why!" United
personalfinance I'm currently a Bank of America customer. Their website says I'm preselected for their secured credit card. Does that mean that I'll probably be rejected if I apply for one of their rewards credit cards? Bank of America
worldnews Rex Tillerson set for first China visit as US secretary of state - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL despite their botanical classification as a fruit, tomatoes are legally considered vegetables in the United States. United
videos Microsoft Drops Windows 7/8.1 Support for AMD Ryzen & Intel Kaby Lake CPU & Lies About It - BUSTED! Intel
news One Billion Yahoo Accounts Still for Sale, Despite Hacking Indictments Yahoo
todayilearned TIL despite their botanical classification as a fruit, tomatoesamong others are legally considered vegetables in the United States. United
movies Venom Movie Reportedly Set by Sony for 2018 Release Updated Sony
WritingPrompts WP Muggles steal the Weasleys Ford Anglia from Kings Cross. Chaos ensues! Ford
news Rex Tillerson on North Korea: Military action 'an option' - BBC News BBC
news Chance the Rapper Reveals Apple Paid Him $500,000 for a Two Week Exclusive Apple
Showerthoughts Everytime I see a car on the road with people only sitting in the back..I assume its either Uber or Lyft Uber
worldnews UK troops in Estonia to deter 'Russian aggression' - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting This display icon at Walmart looks like the Aphex Twin logo Walmart
Showerthoughts I don't think it is a coincidence that Nestlé cookies are done baking in the same amount of time it takes to smoke a decent bowl. Nestlé
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Do United States police officers have to answer you when you ask "Am I being detained?" if so, is there a point where if they do not respond you can 'legally' just walk away? United
funny Wow! Xfinity is racist! Xfinity
AskReddit What's your Uber rating? Uber
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How is it a benefit for Sony to make Playstation Now able to play all Playstation games on your pc , Wont that decrease console sales? Sony
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How is it a benefit for Sony to make Playstation Now able to play all Playstation games on your pc , Wont that decrease console sales? Playstation
television Candy Crush themed game show coming to CBS on July 9th CBS
Documentaries I SPY 2017 - he Five Eyes Alliance is a secretive, global intelligence arrangement between the governments of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States. The alliance represents the largest surveillance program in human history. United
Showerthoughts The fact that my 1.5yo has hit me in the face in tempeout of excitement more times than I can count makes me wonder how Johnathan and Martha Kent never had their faces caved in by a baby Superman. Kent
worldnews Buzz Aldrin launches VR plan to get humans to Mars - BBC News BBC
Futurology Simplified DIY: New Tool-Free IKEA Furniture Snaps Together in Minutes - "these joints also make it easier to take things apart again, making them particularly useful in a day and age where people move frequently for work and other reasons." IKEA
AskReddit What books do you wish every President of the United States should have read and understood? United
news Police 'shoot man' at Paris Orly airport - BBC News BBC
worldnews Police 'shoot man' at Paris Orly airport - BBC News BBC
worldnews Police 'shoot man' at Paris Orly airport - BBC News BBC
gaming Candy Crush tv show debuts on CBS July 9th CBS
OldSchoolCool Neil Degrasse Tyson in the 80s Tyson
Futurology Tesla’s $169 Million Battery Play Is Just the Beginning - An audacious deal hatched on Twitter may start a new wave of electricity storage for cities, regions, and nations. Twitter
AskReddit How come you haven't tried McDonald's new Grand Mac burger only $4.99 yet? McDonald's
news Canada mid-air plane collision over shopping centre kills one - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What are best pickup lines to hit on a Google employee? Google
pics The CN Tower was lit up all green last night to celebrate St. Paddy's Day xpost evilbuildings CN
videos Will circular runways ever take off? - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Folks outside the US: what menu items do you have at McDonald's that are original to your country? McDonald's
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Jokes Imagine if Samsung and Apple came together to build a phone. What would it be called? Apple
news US speaks of N Korea military option - BBC News BBC
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videos This was Youtube in 2013 Youtube
dataisbeautiful Machine-learned topics in Philippine news Facebook pages OC Facebook
AskReddit What's one Youtube channel that nobody really knows about, but deserves recognition? Youtube
television Harrison Ford Asked Adam Sandler To Wash His Car - CONAN on TBS Ford
DIY All the cool Youtube wW'ers have Long Reach Clamps... Youtube
explainlikeimfive ELI5 Why do we say "A United States Navy ship or A United States manufactured item" not "An United States Navy ship or An United States manufactured item." United
OldSchoolCool Johnny Carson in the United States Navy maybe 1940's United
mildlyinteresting This door at McDonald's that offers two handles to pull McDonald's
pics The Storm . . . On the border of South Dakota and Wyoming, United States of America . . . Photographed by Derek Burdeny in June 2015 United
worldnews Russian officials hired criminals to hack 500 million Yahoo accounts, according to Feds Yahoo
gaming I bought this off eBay back in 2012 and it just arrived today. eBay
AskReddit I found an Apple lightning cable and charger, I don't own an Iphone, but why does it still burn when I pee? Apple
pics Close up of McDonald's food in car park McDonald's
mildlyinteresting My high school English teacher posted this on Facebook today. Facebook
TwoXChromosomes 20 Worst Paying Jobs for Women in United States United
Futurology China's Baidu bets big on AI to increase competitiveness Baidu
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AskReddit Time Travelers of Reddit, What are some things that people should invest in, money or skillwise, in the coming future? Travelers
videos Apparently the homes seen in MTV Cribs were often pristine homes rented just for the show. Ironically one of the best episodes was that featuring Redman, who refused to rent. MTV
AskReddit What do you do play Lego Star Wars Set? Lego
news Lawyer: Dearborn Michigan cops use fake Facebook profile to track gun advocates Facebook
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sports Arsenal fans take their Twitter battles to the skies over the Hawthorns Twitter
AskReddit What annoying things have been popping up on your Facebook feed recently? Facebook
mildlyinteresting This KFC chiken stripe looks like a revolver KFC
space Why are the groups competing in the Google Lunar X Prize securing funding in excess of the prize money? Google
WritingPrompts WP Steve Jobs was struggling to make ends meet working as a janitor at Apple in his 50's. One day, he woke up in his 5 year old body back in 1960. Remembering all the Apple products that made the company successful, this was his chance to be some body. Apple
Futurology AI Bracket beating every CBS Expert and 99% of all ESPN brackets heading in to round two ESPN
Futurology AI Bracket beating every CBS Expert and 99% of all ESPN brackets heading in to round two CBS
nosleep My Son Has Been Acting Strangely After He Started Playing His New Xbox One Xbox
science Spiders top the global predator charts - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL Subway has a "sandwich artist" apprenticeship in the U.K. as an excuse to pay £3.50 an hour. Subway
television Will there be a Cosmos Season 2? Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the current state of the show Tyson
Futurology China must woo top tech talent turned off by Trump, says Baidu chief Baidu
worldnews Russian agent hired alleged Yahoo hacker, Canadian Karim Baratov Yahoo
Showerthoughts Thanks to Google Maps if I was coming from space in a spaceship, I'd know exactly how to get home. Google
Jokes What do you say to Uber Eats when your food takes hours? Uber
mildlyinteresting A 70 Day Exposure of the Suns Path Across the Sky OC Sky
mildlyinteresting My steel American Airlines fork from before 9/11 American Airlines
mildlyinteresting This Costco has a self-checkout Costco
movies Train to Busan only $0.99 on Google Play Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5 How is it that things like Microsoft Word have been around for a while but printer technology is still incredibly frustrating? Microsoft
Showerthoughts If your Google Chrome history is empty then you've masturbated recently. Google
Documentaries Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis 1987 - Scathing critique of the criminal subterfuge carried out by the Executive Branch of the United States Government to carry out operations which are clearly contrary to the wishes and values of the American people. United
videos Ski Jumping New World Record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
sports Stefan Kraft 253,5 m New World Record Vikersund Kraft
worldnews Refusal by Britain's prime minister to discuss an independence referendum would "shatter beyond repair" the United Kingdom's constitutional structure, Nicola Sturgeon told her Scottish National Party on Saturday United
gifs Ski Jumping New World Record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
movies The SECRET Behind FAST & FURIOUS Chase Scenes! - Frame by Frame Chase
Showerthoughts Even if I know I'm looking for a Wikipedia page, I still search on Google and not Wikipedia. Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How does Google & Youtube backup my files, videos, pictures and not deal with hard drives failing all the time? Google
explainlikeimfive ELI5:How does Google & Youtube backup my files, videos, pictures and not deal with hard drives failing all the time? Youtube
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Kid from BBC Interview Blooper during a press conference BBC
Showerthoughts Uber users should get a percentage discount based on their Uber rating Uber
gifs New ski jumping world record - Stefan Kraft jumps 253.5 meters 831.69 feet Kraft
sports Stefan Kraft sets new world record in ski jumping. 253.5 meters Kraft
gaming [Watch Dogs 2 Low End PC Test
gaming Evolve Ultimate Edition is free with Xbox live Gold Xbox
UpliftingNews 7-year-old boy paralyzed in car accident dances thanks to harness therapy Source: ABC News ABC
funny Dang eBay seller. All I wanted to know was if the camera was new or used. eBay
worldnews Financial leaders of the world's biggest economies dropped a pledge to keep global trade free and open, acquiescing to an increasingly protectionist United States after a two-day meeting failed to yield a compromise United
Documentaries Controlled Impact Demonstration 1984 When NASA Intentionally Crashed A Remote Controlled Boeing 720 to Study Anti-Misting Systems for Aviation Fuel Boeing
videos Stefan Kraft 253.5m NEW WORLD RECORD ski jumping Kraft
gaming I Think the Artists for Mass Effect: Andromeda Took Inspiration From Total Recall... Total
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why does a global corporation like KFC have have take away outlets in North America than in countries like China where they have vast multistory restaurants? KFC
funny This has to be the best eBay ad of all time... eBay
funny REVEALED: The secret KFC herbs and spices KFC
videos Pop.Up modular autonomous car / drone hybrid concept by Airbus and Italdesign Airbus
funny That's messed up Adobe Illustrator. Adobe
mildlyinteresting This BMW employee is actually wearing BMW brand shoes. BMW
explainlikeimfive ELI5:From a purely economic perspective, would a major war be beneficial to the United States? United
mildlyinteresting My Walmart receipt has a typo Walmart
videos Attenborough: Beaver Lodge Construction Squad - BBC Earth BBC
mildlyinteresting This Burger King that has plastic cushions that mess with your head and make you think they're actually cushions Burger King
todayilearned TIL masturbation, even in private, is forbidden in United States prisons. United
gaming As a Xbox gamer being able to play PS4 games with my Elite controller feels amazing Xbox
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell sauce doesn't have flavor text. Bell
AskReddit People who admitted to having intercourse with someone's mother over Xbox Live, what was their reaction? Xbox
WritingPrompts WP A zombie outbreak has occurred on the west coast of the United States but was controlled in a matter of weeks. A rogue group of zombies has evaded the military and started to travel across the northern states taking out town and building their army United
funny I knew that little BBC interview girl looked familiar BBC
gaming Found this scrolling through FB today. As an Xbox owner I can confirm. Xbox
funny Man Google is good Google
mildlyinteresting I found the Sky King at Burger King. Sky
pics Visiting Target and I found this Target
mildlyinteresting This Burger King serves beer Burger King
sports Villanova broke CBS sports CBS
todayilearned TIL that Leonardo da Vinci invented the Miter Lock in 1497, which is still in use today including in the Panama and Suez Canals. Vinci
OldSchoolCool Prince Nelson Rogers playing the f☆☆k out of it circa 1985 Rogers
pics Excellent Sky to Ground Contrast Sky
AskReddit Californians of Reddit: What do you think California's future with the United States will look like? United
space United Launch Alliance Delta IV WGS-9 launch today at KSC at 7:24 PM EST Delta
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[TDIH] April 8th

Quote of the Day
All the stores will open up if you say the magic words. The magic words are: Up against the wall motherfucker, this is a stick up!
— Amiri Baraka, "Black People!"
Word of the Day
Motherfucker — An epithet recalling slave days. If you were a slave, it was likely that the master was sexually assaulting your mother on a regular basis. To call someone in power a motherfucker is to cast light on the genealogical ties that connect those who currently hold power with the brutal history upon which this society was built.
Such a charged word insinuates itself into every context; it becomes an intensifier that can modify anything. Thus many foes of the powerful have become known as bad motherfuckers—including the Motherfuckers, short for Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers, the self-professed "street gang with analysis" that sought to push the counterculture of New York City towards armed insurrection at the end of the 1960s.
563 [BC] — Gautama Siddharta The Buddha. He lives.
1341 — Petrarch crowned poet laureate, steps of capital in Rome.
1614 — Death of Domenikos Theotokopoulos, known as "El Greco," painter.
1695 — Johann Christian Gunther lives. Briefly studied medicine at Wittenberg; then, disinherited by his father in 1719, who opposed his poetical ambitions, he will compose his greatest work, Leonorenlieder, a confessional poem in which he pleads to his father for mercy.
1712 — US: New York City slave revolt suppressed, 21 are executed.
1798 — Ramón de la Sagra y Periz, anarchist, lives (1798-1871).
1819 — Walter Scott begins dictating The Bride of Lammermoor as gallstones make the act of writing impossible.
1826 — US: Secretary of State Henry Clay & Senator John Randolph, who accused Clay of striking a "corrupt bargain" to steal the 1824 Presidential election from Andrew Jackson, fight a duel in Virginia. Like most politicians, they both missed.
1864 — US: 13th Amendment passes, abolishing slavery. Does not include wage slavery.
1871 — Robert Louis Stevenson, 21, walks with his father & tells him he is abandoning a career in engineering for writing.
1872 — US: Colville Indian reservation created east of Columbia River; after white farmers pressure the government, a second reservation, on less arable land, is designated instead.
1873 — Merdre! Merdre! Alfred Jarry lives. French poet, novelist, playwright, freelance scoundrel & author of Ubu Roi, a forerunner of the Theatre of Absurd. Among other accomplishments, was Pablo Picasso's weapon supplier (Picasso used the pistol to shoo away bores) & making his mark on 'Pataphysics' (the acceptance of every event in the universe as an extraordinary event). Died of alcoholism & tuberculosis.
1877 — Italy: In the township of Letino (Matese) the "Gang of Matese" hand the city clerk an official notice before giving a speech, burning land deeds, & heading off to liberate yet another town:
"We the undersigned declare to have occupied, arms in hand, the municipal building of Letino in the name of the social revolution."
— Carlo Cafiero, Errico Malatesta, Pietro Cesaré Ceccarelli
1885 — Panama: Yes, We Have No Ripe Bananas? US Troops invade, to "protect US interests."
1888 — France: Launching of the daily newspaper of the possibilistes, " Le Parti ouvrier," which became a weekly magazine of the Allemanist tendency in 1890.
1894 — Raffaele Schiavina (1894-1987) lives. Schiavina collaborated on many anarchist newspapers (in Italian). He was imprisoned & later expelled from the "land of the free" in 1919 for anti-war activities. In Paris, he participated in the defense of Sacco & Vanzetti. Schiaviana was imprisoned (Italy) & harrassed (France) numerous times before returning to the US where he published, for 45 years, the weekly magazine "Adunata dei Refrattari" (longest lasting paper of the Italian-American anarchist movement).
Among his noms de plume: Cesare; Nando; Michetta; Calibano; Max Sartin; Labor; Manhattanite; Bob; Juan Taro; X.Y.; R.S.; & M.S.
1898 — Maurice Bowra lives, Kiukiang, China. Among his Greek translations is Pindar's Pythian Odes.
1902 — Guatemala: Eruption of Santa Maria volcano leaves 1,000 dead.
1909 — US: Federal court in Buffalo, NY invalidates the citizenship of Jacob A. Kersner, Emma Goldman's legal husband; threatens Goldman's claim to US citizenship & results in cancellation of Goldman's trip to Australia.
1909 — American novelist John Fante lives.
Stricken with diabetes in 1955, its complications brought about blindness in 1978 & leg amputations, but John continued to write by dictation.
The key figure in Fante's resurrection was novelist/poet Charles Bukowski, who discovered one of his books in the public library while "starving & drinking & trying to be a writer," & who subsequently described Fante as his "god."
By the late 1970s Bukowski was an international success & in a position to urge his publishers, Black Sparrow Press, to reissue Ask the Dust, "the finest novel written in all time."
Despite his near invisibility, Fante still maintains a strong cult following. He remains a favorite of readers who enjoy bohemian urban fiction in the vein of Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, & Knut Hamsun.
[In the last few years he is becoming widely recognized internationally as an outstanding 20th century novelist.]
1913 — US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Liberal Woodrow Wilson becomes the first US President since George Washington to appear before Congress.
1916 — US: Emma Goldman gives a lecture on birth control at the New Star Casino, in NY, for which she is arrested & put on trial on the 20th.
1926 — England: Emma Goldman lectures in Norwich (part of a series on dramatists begun on March 25th).
1937 — Canada: United Auto Workers (UAW) strike at General Motors plant in Oshawa, Ontario, for recognition.
1937 — Spain: In "Ideas," Jaime Balius' article entitled "Let's make revolution," he critically argues,
"if [Companys] had a larger contingent of armed forces at his disposal, he would have the working class back in the capitalist harness."
1938 — Big Band leader Joseph "King" Oliver dies.
1939 — Trina Schart Hyman, author & illustrator, lives.
1939 — Emma Goldman sails for Canada, arriving in Toronto on April 21, where she establishes residence.
1942 — André Girard (known as Max Buhr) (1860-1942) dies. Anarchist militant & trade unionist.
1945 — France: Congress of the Federación Ibérica de Juventudes Libertarias (FIJL), in Toulouse (April 8-9th). Participants include Victor García, who assumes responsibility for publishing the journals "Ruta" & "Solidaridad Obrera", puis de secrétaire de la IJA (Jeunesse Anarchiste Internationale).
1946 — League of Nations assembles for last time, passing a motion declaring themselves to be — dare we say — out of their league?
1950 — J. D. Salinger's best known short story, "For Esmé — With Love & Squalor" appears in "The New Yorker."
1950 — Spain: José Lluis Facerias, anti-fascist guerrilla, blows up the Lonja police station in Barcelona. Facerias was a veteran leader of the anarchist action groups, operating since the end of the Spanish Revolution in 1939.
1952 — US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President Truman orders US Army to seize the nation's steel mills to avert a strike. The act was ruled to be illegal by the Supreme Court on 2 June.
1956 — US: Six recruits at Parris Island Marine Base drown when their drill instructor, Staff Sergeant Matthew McKeon, disciplined them for "minor disorderliness" by marching them into a tidal swamp. He taught 'em good.
1959 — France: Felipe Alaiz de Pablo (1887-1959) dies, exiled in Paris. Anarquista & journalist. Director of "Revista de Aragon", writer for "El sol de Madrid," "Heraldo de Aragon," "La Revista Blanca," "Solidaridad Obrera" de Valencia & Sevilla. Published novels & works on anarchism & translations.
1960 — Folksinger Odetta appears at Carnegie Hall.
1966 — US: Pole Cats? Last poll tax outlawed by Federal courts.
1966 — US: The Jefferson Airplane opens at California Hall on Polk Street, Frisco.
1966 — US: Show & Tell Time? "Time" magazine asks on its cover, "Is God Dead?"
1967 — US: Nashville Black uprising, April 8-10th, following Carmichael's speech at Fisk University; (Tennessee House of Representatives calls for Carmichael's deportation from the state?)
1973 — Spanish painter & communist Pablo Picasso dies, Mougins, Alpes-Maritimes, France.
Drink to me.
— Picasso's last words
"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it."
1973 — US: A Harris Poll reports 51% of Americans support the American Indian Movement (AIM) protesters occupying Wounded Knee, South Dakota; 21% support the federal government.
1974 — Hammerin' Hank Aaron hits 715th home run, beats Babe Ruth's baseball record. His run at the record got him much hate mail & numerous death threats by whites.
"Throwing a fastball to Henry Aaron is like trying to sneak the sun past a rooster."
— Curt Simmons, pitcher
1977 — Argentina: Adriana Gatti is today "disappeared" by government security forces.
Adriana (8-9 months pregnant) was previously kidnapped from her home on March 31, but was set free on that day. Today is not so fortuitous.
Her father, Gerardo Gatti, an Uruguayan anarchist labor militant, was also "disappeared" by the Argentine government in 1976 — tortured & put up for ransom before being murdered.
1978 — Gaston Leval dies. Son of a French Communard, anarchist syndicalist, combatant & historian of the Spanish Revolution of 1936.
1984 — US: CinemaScope? With a nod to George Orwell, desperately trying to crawl his way back from a political oblivion unpresidented in American history, Dick "The Trickster" Nixon avows:
"It's the media's responsibility to examine the President with a microscope... but when they use a proctoscope, it's going to far."
1984 — US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader acting President Ronnie Reagan's Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger says
"The United States is not mining the harbors of Nicaragua."
— an indefensible lie.
1986 — US: The Motion Picture Association of America rules that all movies that refer to illegal drugs will be given nothing below a PG-13 rating.
1988 — The self-extinguishing armchair is invented. Gone but not forgotten!
1993 — Sweden: Women in Black demonstrate in solidarity with their Serbian sisters, Lund.
We dressed in black. We knew that despair & pain needed to be transformed into political action. Our choice of black meant that we did not agree with everything that the Serbian regime was doing. We refused their language which promotes hate & death. We repeated:
1993 — World Court orders Serbs to cease genocide in Bosnia. Why oppose genocide only in Bosnia you ask??
1993 — Germany: "Libertarian Days" April 8-12th, held for the second time at the University of Frankfort, including the "Libertarian Book Fair."
1995 — US: 1,000 Jobs With Justice Washington state activists in Bellingham, Tacoma, Olympia, Seattle & Yakima rally against the Republican "Contract With America."
2001 — US: The head of National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations demands an apology Saturday from Jay Leno for his comment that Hizzoner Rudolph Giuliani is "fascist" for appointing a "decency" committee on art.
In a departure from his usual schtick, Leno on Thursday labeled Giuliani a "fascist" for appointing a decency commission to determine whether certain pieces of art are offensive.
The comedian compared Giuliani's efforts to Adolf Hitler's crusade to remove what he called "degenerate art" from German museums in the early years of the Third Reich.
2002 — US: Court Overturns Book Store Order.
The Colorado Supreme Court refused to order a bookstore to turn over its sales records to police, overturning a lower court decision demanding the records as part of a drug investigation.
The First Amendment & the state Constitution "protect an individual's fundamental right to purchase books anonymously, free from governmental interference,'' the court ruled.
The decision overturns a Denver district judge who ordered Tattered Cover Book Store owner Joyce Meskis to tell police who purchased two books on drug manufacturing from her store.
The Tattered Cover, one of the country's largest independent bookstores, was assisted in the case by the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression.
2003 — US: Baseball Hall of Fame president cancels a planned celebration for the 15th anniversary of "Bull Durham," citing recent comments by film co-stars Tim Robbins & Susan Sarandon as potential dangers to US troops in Iraq. The celebration was to take place April 26 & 27. In protest of the cancellation, on the 11th sportswriter Roger Kahn cancels a planned appearance at the baseball museum.
2003 — Iraq: Deaths of three journalists in Baghdad: Two American air to surface missiles hit the Qatar satellite station Al Jazeera's office in Baghdad, killing a reporter & wounding a cameraman. The nearby office of Arab satellite channel Abu Dhabi is also hit. Al Jazeera accuses the US of attacking Arab media to hide facts. Meanwhile a US tank fires into the 15th floor of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, where most remaining foreign journalists are based, killing two cameramen.
2010 — Chile: Renaming Santiago International airport for poet Pablo Neruda nixed.
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[Table] IAmA: I used to work on cruise ships, AMA!

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Date: 2012-04-04
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Questions Answers
Dose the crew have wild sex orgies below deck? None that I knew, although I heard some funny stories. One time we got to NYC, and two (crew) guys were led off the ship in handcuffs. I guess they had made some porno in their cabin with a 17 year old girl who's parents were less than impressed. Statutory rape all around for them...not a good scene.
But, as someone with my own cabin, who has no problem talking to girls...I did okay. Better than okay...not gonna lie. It was pretty awesome. Hard to have real relationships though...
Level any of them up to anal? Relevant username comment.
Although, I do remember being in my cabin once with my roommate and we heard people banging away in the next room (walls are pretty thin, you hear everything), and we were like "wow...she's really screaming"
And then we remembered that the two guys in that room were gay. That was kind of an OMG moment.
Big Gay Frank...I could write a hell of a book about that guy, but I'd probably get sued.
Epic. Did you give him a high five? No, we fucking hated that guy. We messed with his shit so much. It was actually pretty cruel. It wasn't because he way gay, just to be straight (see what I did there?), because there are more than enough gay guys on ships...but it was because he was an ASSHOLE.
I remember one April Fools, we turned his toilet off from outside his cabin (from a lockbox in the hall) all day, and eventually he came out and complained about we told him to go down and file a report. While he was doing that, we turned it back on so it worked when the guys came to fix it. They chewed him out, and left, and he went inside. We turned it off again. This happened more than twice.
We also once taped him to a pole in the theatre with carpet tape during drydock. We had these big rolls of plastic that we'd cover the carpets with, and we just held him against a pole, taped him up, and left him there. We got in shit for that. We also got in shit for taping his door shut from the outside so he was trapped in his cabin.
But the best Big Gay Frank story was one that took weeks to plan. We thought it up one night drunk in the crew bar. The second day every cruise we hold a "Captain's Welcome Aboard Cocktail" party for everyone, and I recorded what the bridge camera sees during that time that day. The next week, the night before we did it again, I put in the tape from the week before (during the afternoon, 12 hours off). It was like 5am, but we had footage from 5pm the week before. We called him, and convinced him he had slept all day, and was missing Captain's Cocktail. He told us we were full of shit, so we said "check the damn bridge channel if you don't believe us". He did. He freaked out, jumped into his suit and ran out the door. We were all waiting outside...drunk as fuck. That was awesome.
We also turned off his alarm clock (cut power to his room) a lot. He got in shit...but he was just a prick to everyone, so we justified it that way.
I upvoted this halfway through, knowing it was just going to continue to be awesome. We were so mean to that guy.
What was the craziest thing you did on the ship and got away with? Fell in love with a guest. We met on a cruise. She had just gotten out of college, and was celebrating, and we hit it off immediately. We were so inseperable that I actually brought back with me on a later cruise because she fell in love with me...and then she cried the whole day when that was over (the last day we ever saw each other).
We both knew it was against the rules, but we didn't even try to hide it. I remember sitting in the theatre one night the first week with her watching a show, and we were really cozy. One of my friends came by and was like "you're not even trying to hide it...are you trying to get fired?".
If it happened, I wouldn't have been sad about it. It was amazing. She was amazing.
And it never happened (me getting fired). They were so cool about it that they actually allowed me to bring her back on as a guest a month later. We still talk. She's married, and super happy...and I'm super happy for her, but I think it might have been the most romantic two weeks in both of our lives. Just wasn't meant to be...too much distance.
That was the craziest two weeks of my cruising life for sure. Bermuda cruises are probably the best party cruises for the crews, because you actually get overnights in ports.
Wow. Cool story. Thanks for sharing. worries. That was a great two weeks. Sometimes that's all you get. I'm not sad because it's over...just glad that it happened. I have photos (even the cheesy onboard ones of us in our suits/dresses).
Would have been a cooler story if it ended like Titanic. With credits?
Yay you did one! One question, how much of the boat is never seen by patrons? I assume it takes an army to run ships of thy size. Lots of crew spaces onboard, and most crew only see upstairs when they're working, so we need lots of space downstairs for everyone. Usually the ships have anywhere from 700-1500 crew on them...depending on size.
Unrelated question, what is the length and diameter of your penis? Speaking of unrelated RAMPART!
What do all these people do on their downtime (if there even is any) Do you get to hang out on the boat? I imagine you're talking about crew. The crew do a lot of working out, watching movies, drinking, hanging out in the crew badayroom, etc.
I was lucky, I had a good position, so I was allowed in guest areas when I wasn't I used to go check out the shows, eat in the dining rooms, go to the lounges, sit up on the deck looking at stars (never seen stars like that...nothing can prepare you for how many stars there are at sea, until you're out, and lots of stuff. I really enjoyed it, but we all worked really hard. I averaged 90 hours a week.
How many possibilities are there for crew to go above deck, or are you mainly cooped up in hallways / rooms while you're there? Do you get your own cabins? Some crew members get their own cabins, and those are the same ones who are allowed upstairs. Usually crew share, and they're only allowed up when they're working.
That actually sounds really damn cool. But holy shit! 90 hours? Do you get paid by the hour or one fixed rate. Fixed rate. I worked it out one month, and I was working for $8.50/hr. We worked like dogs, but we played like animals.
Dogs are animals. Checkmate. Then we partied like dogs that like to party.
It's only fun if you get free beer and daiquiris And by extension, it's all gun and games until someone gets AIDS. Crew welfare had to throw one party a month, with free alcohol. They were awesome parties. I used to DJ some of them, and wow...sweaty.
Christmas Eve 2009 was pretty sweet. I was working in Brazil doing a fill in (couple of months), and had just been dumped by my girlfriend at home (over the phone after 4 years...sucked). I was dj-ing in the crew bar that night, and it went until 4am, and then it went back to my place until me and a girl from brazil and a girl from england kicked everyone out of my room. karma is beautiful.
And nobody got aids.
How did you become a cruise-ship employee? What is the term of service like for that kind of employment? I answered an ad in the weekly newspaper and had an interview with a hiring agent. It wasn't that hard to get work...I had already had a lot of experience, so it wasn't a stretch.
Usually for people like me the contracts are either 6 months on / 6 weeks off (unpaid), or 4 months on / 2 months off (paid). It all depends on the company. Crew usually work anywhere from 6-9 months, and officers usually work 10 weeks on / 10 weeks off (paid).
What's it take to become an officer? Not a lot...some navigation/safety courses, and then you start out as a second officer.
Ohh so many questions..! It seems you've worked onboard SP and MJ - which ship is your favorite and why? Favorite port / itinerary and why? Did you get to interact with the guests much? How did the entertainment-crew like yourself go along with the rest of the crew, say engine and hotel? Assuming you had your own company email-address as a productions manager? If yes, on avarage how many emails did you receive each day? :) What happens onboard stays onboard? Is partnering with other crew-members common? SP and you work for Royal Caribbean?
What are the hours like for most people working on a cruise ship? I can't imagine the standard 9-5 Monday-Friday would fit the average employee. What is the hierarchy like aboard the ship for employees? How much control does the captain really have? I worked 10 hours a day, minimum, everyday for 6 months. Usually worked out to about 90 hrs a week. It's a crushing workload, but after ships...everything else seems easy. My job now feels like a holiday. It's a class system onboard ships. Crew at the bottom, hotel staff next, and then officers at the top. It's totally messed up, because the officers are usually the least trained people onboard, and have no transferrable job skills on land...but somehow they're gods on ships. Many hotel staff have more formal training for their jobs, but no respect from the officers...and I'd rather have a crew member save my life in an emergency than an officer.
officers are usually the least trained people on-board? What about the training they get all those years at school? It's more like months, and then they work their way up onboard. They do basic training and certification, and then start as second officers. Most of what they learn is onboard. I had more formal schooling than all of the Captains I worked with.
Did you ever get to enjoy any of the places the ship went? After the 6 months of work, you had 6 weeks unpaid off, correct? Did you go home? What did you do in those 6 weeks? I was lucky...I was usually first off the ship, and last on the ship. I saw EVERYTHING. I can't believe how lucky I got...I'm glad I took photos. I have 20,000 photos that I'll love looking at on my deathbed ;)
I usually went home for vacations. I tried to do as little as possible. Slept in, was lazy, didn't answer my phone, took a time out. Ship life is hard...I needed the break.
I did go to Montreal once on vacation to hang out with a girl I met...that was cool.
Formal schooling has very little relevance to seamanship. They have almost the same training we do. i find it interesting that in most sea disasters, it's never the officers who's usually the crew/staff. the officers are usually nowhere to be seen.
"but somehow they're gods on ships." Just because you're trained to read a chart, or use a navigation computer, doesn't mean you're a any stretch.
Because they are trained to run the ships. You're not. I could do any job on the bridge, with less than a year's training.
SP and you work for Royal Caribbean? Favorite Royal Caribbean ship was the RD. Spent 2 whole years of my life on that ship.
Favorite port was usually Vancouver, because I could go home. But, as far as places that weren't's a tough one. I'll think about it on my way home from work and let you know later.
I was paid to be around guests...I was really lucky. I met some amazing people running around with my camera. I had a great job and lots of days where I was like "I can't believe I'm getting paid for this".
Usually the entertainment dep't got along really well...we were all outgoing, and partied pretty hard, so we knew everyone. People used to hate on the singers/dancers because they hardly worked, but they always forgot how many years it took them to get to that position, and the extra month they spend rehearsing before they even get on the ships.
I had an tons. Not sure if there was an average, but it was a lot. A lot more than I get now.
Since crew can't hook up with guests, yeah, we all hooked up with each other. I dated a lot of other crew members, and even tried to start a life with one once we decided we wanted to go back to life on land. Didn't work out though...hard to maintain a normal life when your first date was the Great Wall Of China. We kind of fizzled...ship relationships are hard to maintain, because they're so good when they start. It's hard to top the Great Wall when you work 9-5 at a normal job.
Thanks so much for your answers! I'm so excited to hear your version, almost all is pretty much identical with the stories I've heard from crew working for other cruise liners, even down to relationship with other crew members :-) The girls in the entertainment dept are hot commodity in the other departments onboard, as I've heard.. :-) I didn't notice any footage from the RD? And yes, I've heard she's a nice ship.. Btw, I work in freight forwarding, I move orders from rccl's suppliers to the ships, so I regularly email with miami and various crew onboard the ships. I know there's a lot of emails in that company.. Always fun to see the chief engineer desperate for a bolt and gasket while hotel need their wine and entertainment need their costumes and lighting, all yesterday.. Last question - did you attend any drydocks? If yes, I assume your task was to document it all? Thanks again! Cruise ships are a big operation, that's for sure. It blew me away once I started to see what really goes into (and off of) those ships in each port. I remember a line of gas trucks in Ushuaia (Argentina) that lasted all day once. I couldn't believe we could hold that much gas. Truck after truck, after truck, after truck. From when we got there, until we left. I made this video with my own gear again, in my cabin while I was onboard. Didn't have space on the video gear upstairs, so after the drydock I put it together in my cabin whenever I had time. Sorry about the voiceover quality, it was a cheap mic, in a loud room (my cabin), on a ship. You can't get away from noise on a ship. Drydocks...intense. Other than a newbuild, it doesn't get any rawer than that on cruise ships. Those were pretty memorable experiences...almost more memorable than any experiences with guests.
What kind of personal time were you given to explore the places that the cruise visited? I had lots of personal time. For me, I worked when the ship was at sea. When the ship was docked, as long as the TV channels were running and the satellite dishes were tracking, I could go off and explore. I did everything I could. I knew it was my once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I went for it. Usually I was the first person off, last person on...and I tried to get as far from the ship as I could. Went to the pyramids, on safari, diving, rented jeeps and cars, stayed in resorts, stayed up all night partying (all over the world).
It was awesome. I'm so glad I did it.
What advice do you have for people who want to leave the little port "bubble" that the ships usually take you to? I did this in Cozumel and found a dive bar with cheap local beer and homemade guacamole. The only problem with that, is if something happens...nobody is going to wait. We used to leave people behind in Cozumel every week, because they wouldn't make it back to the ship in time. If you're on a ship tour, the ship waits...if not, you're on your own.
I'd love to do it again, but I'm a little intimidated because I have no idea what is beyond the port or how safe things are beyond the bubble. Any recommendations in general about doing this, or specific to Belize would be great. Not sure about Belize...never been.
Thanks for the reply, and thanks for doing this AMA. Your responses have been top notch! I've got a stomach flu...haha.
For people who plan on going onto a cruise in the near future, what are a few things you think we should know before booking one? Such as stay away from this or do that etc etc... Go on the tours, meet as many people as you can onboard, try to get cabins away from the public spaces/lifeboats, and realize that the longer the cruise...the older the clientele.
Also...don't forget to tip people...a lot of times, that's most of their wages.
What happens to criminals on the ships? If I murdered a passenger would I be put in the brig? Did they even have a brig? Would I be arrested at the next place the ship docked? We have security onboard. Yes, yes and yes. It's happened...a few times. Not while I was onboard, but I've heard stories.
I heard this story from one ship that a guy killed his wife in his room, threw her off the balcony and didn't throw hard enough...she landed on the boat deck, right outside of the dining room while people were eating dinner. They went up to the room, and the whole place was covered in blood. Craazy.
If the ship is say, in Norway, would they be charged/arrested by Norway's laws? They're usually ushered out of the country and then dealt with at home (or in the US), if it's something that happened on the ship. Local laws don't really have anything to do with crime onboard. But, if it's off the ship, then they deal with local laws.
Do you get to eat the food that cruise ship guests get to eat or do they give you something completely different? Both.
I was able to eat in the guest dining rooms (if I signed up to eat in there and paid tips), and I was able to eat in the speciality restaurants (discount). Most crew can, but most crew don't. There's an unspoken rule on ships that crew don't eat in guest areas, even when they're allowed. It sucks that it's that way...they're usually allowed (if they sign up and pay) but it's frowned on when it it never happens.
The crew food is actually pretty good. In some cases better. It's realy international, and it's healthier. We don't waste as much, and we don't have the fatty sweet stuff they have upstairs.
You could always tell when we got hard ice cream in the mess that a lot of people had died that cruise, because they used our cold storage for bodies when the morgue was full. Happened a few times...always on Panama Canal cruises. Creepy, but true.
What...the actual fuck... I know, eh?
Not sure if kidding... Not kidding at all. No joke. I know it sounds hard to believe, but yeah...Panama Canal cruises are killers. People go there because it's a "bucket list" thing, and the demographics on that cruise are way older than almost any other cruise. It's a big deal for old people.
People always end up spending too much time outside on canal day, and people always die. We try to go around and keep people hydrated and out of the sun, but if they're on their balcony...not much we can do. We don't know until they're gone.
You could always tell when we got hard ice cream in the mess that a lot of people had died that cruise, because they used our cold storage for bodies when the morgue was full. Happened a few times...always on Panama Canal cruises. Creepy, but true. Yep. And someone always dies canal day. Always. My first week onboard ships, I was sitting in the crew bar with the trumpet player in the orchestra, and he was "i'll bet you $5 someone dies canal day". I was like "fuck, are you kidding? that's sick...i'm not betting you". Sure enough someone died. I think 3 people died that day. People always die on Panama Canal cruises...they actually go on the cruise to die. I can't remember a Costa Rica port day, or a Curacao port day (either side of the canal) that we weren't met at the pier with a hearse.
What was the highest mortality rate for any one cruise? Are there seriously fully functioning morgues on these cruises?That can perform autopsy and everything? No, they just store people. they don't get into that. i'd say 5 people on a panama cruise once. that was a bad week. other than that, there was one or two a few times. it was fairly regular...they are big communities. shit happens.
I remember on one Panama cruise, someone died in the gym bench pressing. The captain got called and showed up and said "that's why i don't work out". Haha...awesome. Probably not the smartest thing to say, but he didn't care. I'm just bummed I never got to play "Panama" on the ship's PA when we were going through the canal. I played it on the pool deck once, and that was fun...but I wanted to blast it everywhere.
Moving a ship that big between the oceans requires a human's lifeforce to make the trip successfully or what? We used to joke that we ran the ship of the power of masturbation, and the broken dreams of third world children. people on ships are pretty dark and jaded. ;)
Why Panama? Yellow Fever, malaria?'s old people, and exposure/dehydration usually. or just old people and natural causes. it's a bucket list cruise.
One thing that always puzzled me is how cheap these cruises are. So my guess is they make money off of casinos, drinks and food? nailed it. Casinos, drinks, food, tours, and shopping programs all equal $$$. People spend as much on the ship as they do on their cruise ticket usually. One ship I worked on did $1mil/week in the Casino.
Thanks for the confirmation :) Which cruise lines do you recommend for first timers if you can pick any one of them and time/location is not a factor and on a typical/average budget? How old are you and what do you like doing? That matters a lot.
Well.. crap.. I don't know what you do for work, so I don't know. It all depends on what you do. There are lots of different jobs on ships. If you're a graphic designer, then I'd say it's not a great job, but if you're a Frank Sinatra impersonator, then it's a great job. Every country has hiring agents, and the big lines have websites that you can apply to, but I think they still use agents for interviews, so it's better just to find out who they are and go straight to them. As far as an interesting thing to do to find out about the world...hell ya. If you're young and you have nothing tying you's awesome. Better than any backpacking I've ever done (and I've done lots). You get paid to freaking travel, and hang out with cool young people who have enough personality to leave home and explore the world. You might meet people in high school, and you might think they're your friends, but the people you meet on ships...they're forever. The best people I've ever met worked on ships.
Oh and, I was thinking of doing some work on a cruise ship after (danish) college, can you recommend this line of work?
How about 25 years old. Live in the US. I like all sorts of adventure sports. Cost isn't necessarily an issue. I don't want to waste money though. Sports staff would be cool. Work on the flowriders on the big ships. I know a couple guys from Brazil that installed a few of them. Fun job. You work on the rock climbing wall, the sports deck, and the waterpark. Some other bs mixed in there during down time to get your 10 hrs a day, but it's one of the more-fun jobs for sure. One of my good friends did that, and we used to take the rock climbing gear off the ship with us in Alaska and go rock climbing on our own. So.Much.Fun. I skateboard/surf, but haven't been on a ship with a flowrider...when i take a cruise, i'll do one of those ships for sure...just for that.
A couple of questions, 1) What kind of work did you do on the ship? 1 - I started as Stage Staff (theatre flunkie), and then got promoted to Sound & Light Tech. After that, I was promoted again to Video Tech, and then again to Head Video Tech. I did that for a few years, changed companies and worked as the Stage/Broadcast Manager on a ship. I worked there for a year, and then took a break from ships. In 2009, I went back to the first company as a Head Video Tech again and worked for a year. I'm off ships now...boring!
2)Do people ever fall off of the boats? 2 - Only Oscar falls off the ship. Nobody falls out of the boats. You only get into the boats when the ship is sinking though ;)
3) Also is the music in your video from a Grand Turismo game? 3 - No, the music is from a great band from the 90s called Slide Five. Wish they were still around...they were really great.
Going from doing sound to doing video is not a promotion! It is if that's what you went to school for, and want to do with your life.
Also, how expensive are the crew bars? Is it expensive as shit like it is for guests, or are the prices more "normal"? $1.25 for a beer $2 for mixed drinks/wine...last time I was on a ship. Might have gone up a bit by now.
What do you do now that you are off of the ship? High-end corporate A/V. Basically, I'm a professional mover. If you need someone to move your whole living room into a cube van and then set it up somewhere, and then put it all back in the van, and bring it back to you...then I'm your guy. That was a nice thing about working A/V on ships...everything stays in one place, and doesn't move. So nice to work a night, and then not have to pack everything up. I could set a band up, and leave them setup for 6 months. If you've ever done sound, you know how nice that must sound, eh?
I have. Did some pyro work, so I know how much of a PITA loading up road cases can be. Know any info on the IT for the ship? Do they manage every aspect of IT (POS, terminals, network, communication, etc...) or do they just manage the intranet? They manage it all...IT really is a good job.
Where would you recommend someone go to relax and enjoy the warmth? I like brazil, hawaii, thailand, eastern caribbean...those are all great.
Have you ever been to grand turk? I was just there with my family a couple days ago and it was beautiful. No one tried to sell you anything either like the other ports we went to. No...always wanted to go there. I'm Canadian, so I really want to see it. I think at some point we were going to help them out and it was going to become part of Canada (but it never happened)...and I've been curious about it since then. Flew over it once...looked nice.
The eastern Caribbean is beautiful...all of it.
People try to sell you stuff in every port...but some are better than others.
So eastern carribean is not the same as the carribeans everyone hears about? It's smaller scale, and not as intense. i think when most people think "caribbean", they're actually thinking Jamaica or Trinidad.
What is the punishment for drugs on the ship? if youre caught smoking marijuana for example, will they hand you ever to the cops once the cruise ends? Yep, and then you're fucked.
What was your favorite place traveling through, or rather 'cruising' through? Just to cruise? far. There aren't cruises like that anywhere else in the world, except Norway and New Zealand...which are also pretty cool, but Alaska is something else. The Inside Passage is phenomenal, and a ship is the only way you can see it.
As far as tropical destinations...Seychelles is heaven on Earth.
Seychelles is heaven on Earth. Sounds interesting, tell us more. It's just amazing. Beautiful island, great people, isolated, clearest water I've ever swam's just perfect.
Anyone ever fall overboard? If so, what happens? Also, what are the captains like? are the cool or do they have God complexes? Only Oscar falls overbord.
American and Scandinavian captains are usually pretty cool, and Greek and Italian ones are usually not pretty cool. Exceptions to both rules.
They ALL have God complexes, and they all like really young women. I remember one captain brought his wife onboard, and we were all like "hey, you brought your granddaughter...that's cool!" Not cool.
What's the best way to sneak alcohol aboard? From what i've seen working on ships, it's NOT in your carry-on luggage. Especially once the cruise starts. You're searched every time you get on the ship, and so much booze is confiscated, it's ridiculous. You get it back at the end of the cruise, but they catch so many people.
Security is pretty tight, and these days they open everything. I've had all my bags ripped open so many times, that you know it's going to you can't just put a bottle in a bag.
The best way I've heard so far is to put it in a bag (in something not-so-obvious, and maybe not shaped like a bottle), and then in the most obvious place you can find in the bag (the place someone would see first when they open it), put a HUGE dildo right there. They'll see that, get embarrassed, close the bag, and you're good. Smile at him or her like you know where it's going tonight, and you're on your way.
Worked for a friend, but you never know...that takes dedication to pull off.
Maybe just get to know your cabin attendant, and persuade him to go buy some booze for you at the crew bar. Ya never know.
Did I just say that out loud? No...don't do that.
What are the best and most fun jobs on a cruise ship? How can one score 'deals' related to booking cruise ships? I would say the best job on a ship is a feature entertainer, but as far as the "real" jobs on a ship...I'd say the bridge or hotel technical/admin jobs are the best, followed by the cruise staff/activities managecruise director path. They have a blast.
If you have a university degree and are good with kids, Youth Staff is a GREAT job. Met some really cool Youth Staff on ships...they have fun.
Youth Activities Managers...sometimes not so fun. I remember my girlfriend on one ship was a YAM, and she came home one day...covered in food and asked me "you make the same amount I make, right?" I'm like "uh huh"...she's like "I hate you."
Deals on ships...check their websites for last minute deals. Those are the best deals on ships.
Which are the jobs that'd allow you access to the guest facilities and most contact with the guests? Anything in the hotel/entertainment dep't. they have the most contact with the guests, and the most privileges in that sense.
What are the worst jobs? Bartenders, waitresses, cabin attendants, deck & engine crew (we call them blueboys)...those are shitty jobs.
But again, they don't think of it that way. North Americans are spoiled people...we don't have as good an attitude about life as they do. They seem okay, and in their countries they're still making better money than they would at home (and a lot send most of their money home).
We piss it away on crap in ports, and complain about having to do tour loads in the morning. We suck.
Does for example, light/sound tech count as entertainment? Or does it only go as far as singers/dancers/comedians? Light/sound is entertainment, and they have a lot of contact with guests.
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